come to the point

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come to the point

To reach the most important or crucial part of something. OK, I have to leave soon, so please come to the point of your story.
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come to the point and get to the point

to get to the important part (of something). He has been talking a long time. I wish he would come to the point. We are talking about money, Bob! Come on, get to the point.
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come/get (straight) to the ˈpoint

talk about the most important problem, matter, etc. immediately rather than have a general conversation first: Stop avoiding the issue and come to the point!Let me get straight to the point. I don’t think you’ll pass this exam unless you work harder.
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References in classic literature ?
This was coming to the point. Sir Patrick showed his approval of Arnold's frankness by coming to the point himself, as readily as his own whimsical humor would let him.
Now, sir, I am coming to the point; for no sooner did I name you, and told him that you and I came to town together, and had lived together ever since, than he called for another pot, and swore he would drink to your health; and indeed he drank your health so heartily that I was overjoyed to see there was so much gratitude left in the world; and after we had emptied that pot I said I would buy my pot too, and so we drank another to your health; and then I made haste home to tell you the news."
'Now, sir, I am a coming to the point. You will inquire of me, "how is this to he prevented?" I'll tell you how.
I am coming to the point. Without knowing it yourself, you have been the victim of deception for years past--cruel deception--wicked deception that puts on the mask of mercy."
"We are coming to the point," whispered the governor.
'It's about your monkey,' he said, coming to the point at once.
I was coming to the point with great difficulty when he took me by both hands and with a radiant face and in the liveliest way anticipated it.
Nor did she waste time in coming to the point, upbraiding him sorrowfully for what he had done.
Very good, I said, you are coming to the point now.
It's like going back to the war where you had no food then, and it's coming to the point where you do and don't need it.
I'm now coming to the point in my life when I'm not getting any younger and want to take our relationship further than just being boyfriend and girlfriend.
"We're coming to the point where most telecom operators can only really hope for a single-digit growth," said Nishit Lakhotia, telecoms analyst at Securities & Investment Co (SICO) in Bahrain.
"It's coming to the point where you think whether it's worth it at all.
"All I can put it down to is a lack of concentration - but it's now rapidly coming to the point where I'm thinking about bringing in some fresh faces.
At the rate interest rates are dropping it is coming to the point where it might be best to put your cash under the bed.