come to a sticky end

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come to a sticky end

To experience an unpleasant death, usually as a result of one's own actions. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The serial purse snatcher came to a sticky end when he encountered a little old lady trained in karate. You will come to a sticky end if you don't change your reckless ways.
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come to a sticky end


come to a bad end

If someone comes to a sticky end or comes to a bad end, they die in an unpleasant or violent way. Arminius also came to a sticky end, murdered by his own troops. Hassan comes to a bad end, but so does almost everyone else in the book.
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come to a bad/sticky ˈend

(informal) finish in an unpleasant way; finish by having something unpleasant happen to you, usually because of your own actions: The neighbours used to shake their heads at his behaviour and say that he’d come to a bad end.
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