coming through

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come through

1. To win, achieve, or accomplish something exceptionally well or very successfully. Said especially of a test, examination, or training of some kind, often in the expression "come through with flying colors." Samantha was rather nervous taking her final exam, but she came through just fine. Your brother has come through his apprenticeship with flying colors. He'll be a master builder in no time!
2. To be revealed, often despite an attempt at masking or hiding. She tried to act happy for us, but her grief came through nonetheless.
3. To be approved. Good news—your auto loan came through!
4. To perform or act as expected. After promising a victory, the captain of the team came through with a great game on Friday night. Ask Ben to bring the ice—he'll come through. Any time I call my mom, she comes through for me with love and support.
5. To be received, transmitted, or broadcast. Call me back later—you're not coming through well, so I can barely hear you.
6. To travel through a particular place or area. It was starting to snow as we came through Chicago. We came through New Jersey to get to New York—how did you get here?
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coming through

A phrase said (perhaps shouted) when one is trying to pass through a crowded area. Emergency patient coming through! Everybody, move! Excuse me, coming through.
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Coming through(, please).

Please let me pass through. (Often said by someone trying to get through a crowd of people, as in a passageway or an elevator. Compare this with Out, please.) Tom: Coming through, please. Sue: Give him some room. He wants to get by. Mary (as the elevator stops): Well, this is my floor. Coming through, please. I've got to get off.
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