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come online

1. To become active or begin operating. We've had the building finished for days now, but we're still waiting for the power to come online. Hundreds of new factories are slated to come online over the next year, which will bring a much-needed boost to the economy.
2. To log onto the Internet, usually meaning some social communication service thereof. I'm just waiting for my dad to come online, I haven't spoken to him in weeks!
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come on line


go on line

COMMON If a plan, project or product comes on line or goes on line, it starts to operate fully or be available to be used. This plane was the first to be lost since the popular model came on line in 1982. The government, faced with a major energy crisis, is eagerly waiting for another reactor to go on line. Note: You can also just say that something is on line if it is operating or available. You'll have that machine back on line by nine at the latest.
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Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Sep 4 (ANI): Leading e-commerce marketplace Flipkart has announced the introduction of Hindi interface on its platform to make it more engaging for the next 20 crore customers coming online to experience e-commerce in a more inclusive and seamless manner.
Crestwood Equity (CEQP) upgraded to Outperform from Sector Perform at RBC Capital with analyst Elvira Scotto saying larger projects are coming online this year and in early 2020, which will result in an increase and cash flow and a meaningful decline in capex growth.
This month, families in St Helens will be able to use Deliveroo, with other locations, including Wrexham, coming online later in the year.
This month families in Wrexham, Banbury, Bracknell, Braintree, Folkestone, Gravesend, Hastings, Maidenhead, Margate and St Helens will be able to use Deliveroo, with the remaining locations coming online later in the year.
oil and gas industry will likely consume over 100 million tons of frac sand this year with numerous new mines coming online within driving distance of a majority of the wells, shifting logistics focus squarely on the last mile.
However, ratings are constrained by current sector dynamics where sizeable capacities coming online and inability to pass on increasing raw material prices has impacted financial profile of industry players.
"We expect to see the first CSI-100 x-ray system available to the aviation industry in quarter four next year, with specialist security variants coming online early the following year."
Upstream, a leader of the mobile Internet revolution in high growth markets, has revealed that new low-end Android smartphone devices being sold to consumers in developing markets, many of whom are coming online for the first time, contain pre-installed malware, the company said.
"We are very excited with the opportunity to grow our business alongside the new capabilities coming online at Nucor Steel Arkansas," Calstrip CEO J.P.
According to Skift, which is a global provider of information and data relating to the travel and tourism sector, the best way of predicting the up-and-coming luxury destinations of 2018 is to look at where new products are coming online, as well as chatting with travel agents and tour operators working exclusively with the affluent.
New generation capacity is indeed coming online, but the leakages of the old system remain firmly in place, which means as we pump more power into this leaky grid, we lose more as well.
This year we will see a huge amount of solar coming online and deals being signed.
In the GECF outlook period (2017-2040), the boom in LNG trade is expected to continue, with liquefaction facilities coming online in the US and Australia at higher rates Pratap John
As National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Managing Director Marziyeh Shahdaie has previously announced, with all unfinished projects coming online the country's petrochemical industry will witness a significant boost and annual production capacity is going to reach 72 million tons.