come full circle

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come full circle

To return to the original or a similar position, situation, or circumstance where one or something started. After the banking sector brought on the economic collapse through lack of federal oversight, things seem to be coming full circle as politicians are beginning to call for deregulation of the industry once again. I used to work in in kitchens during college to support myself, and now, after working for years as an attorney, I've come full circle and am the head chef of my own restaurant.
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come full circle

Fig. to return to the original position or state of affairs. The family sold the house generations ago, but things have come full circle and one of their descendants lives there now.
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come full circle


turn full circle

COMMON If something has come full circle or has turned full circle, it is now exactly the same as it used to be, although there has been a long period of changes. Looking at the current product, I am tempted to say the design has come full circle. Her life had now turned full circle and she was back where she started, alone and miserable. Note: People also say the wheel has come full circle or the wheel has turned full circle. The wheel has turned full circle and we are back where we began. Note: This may refer to the medieval idea of the wheel of fortune which is constantly turning, so that people who have good luck at one time in their lives will have bad luck at another time.
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come (or turn) full circle

return to a past position or situation, often in a way considered to be inevitable.
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come/go full ˈcircle

after a long period of changes, return to the position or situation in which something/you started: The wheel of fashion has come full circle. I was wearing shoes like that thirty years ago.
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NIICHRO received a Share Award, funded by GlaxoSmithKline and administered by the University of Pennsylvania, which funded the Coming Full Circle training materials.
Life has a funny way of coming full circle, and the weapons given to these groups now threaten America.
Coming full circle, his brilliant late works allow us privilege to new personae, again addressing the lens to speak to us directly.
He even got as far as a book on Japanese architecture before coming full circle in his last volume, A Concrete Atlantis (1986), to analyze the Buffalo, New York, grain silos that so inspired the European avant-garde of the '20s.
Some people might think that things are coming full circle, but it's not a circle.
It does seem to me that newsletter marketing over a period of more than 40 years is essentially coming full circle.
As the collection stands, there is a sense of events' coming full circle.
We feel that by opening our doors to the Brazilian market that we are coming full circle," says Larsen.
Are we coming full circle now when we see more nations' nuclear capability 50 years from now?
Ozzy was the first one to be honoured with a star in Birmingham in 2007, Tony Iommi was inducted the following year and now, with Black Sabbath coming full circle on their last ever tour, Geezer deserves his place.
This award validates the decision to come out and be open and be myself, I have felt so supported by Sodexo and my colleagues and family and I feel this is coming full circle.