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When Coming Inc., the nearly US $3 billion glass and ceramics giant whose products include Coming Ware, Pyrex and Steuben, became dissatisfied with the results of its "melting pot" approach to personnel administration, it had to overcome a culture that for years had insisted that only White males could run the business.
Vehicles coming from Mabini Street utilizing the eastbound lane of TM Kalaw going to Taft Avenue shall turn left to Ma.
Similarly, heavy traffic coming from Peshawar would not be allowed to enter Islamabad as well as IJP Road and they would have to use route from Chungi no.
We are coming at the end of May." You may have thought that defeat to Hamburg in the quarter-finals would have seen the last of the ditty.
The "Son of Man" is coming with power and great glory.
"Coming out," as this is called, refers to the lifelong process of acknowledging one's gay, lesbian, or bisexual attractions and identifying to oneself and disclosing this fact to others.
Jeremiah 33:14--The days are surely coming, says the Lord, when I will fulfill the promise I made to the house of Israel and the house of Judah.
Easter was coming and I had been reading Miroslav Volf's Exclusion and Embrace.
According to Father Pennesi, New Age proclaims a new coming of Christ which will usher in an era of universal harmony and peace, but it will be someone other than Jesus who reaches the peak of "Christ-consciousness."
While Sanchez is known as an activist poet, much of her poetic impulse in Like the Singing Coming Off the Drums derives from the tradition of Japanese haiku, in which a poet pays the utmost attention to the beauty inherent in nature.
In 1988, BLACK ENTERPRISE first posed the question, "Who will be the first Black CEO of a Fortune 500 company?" With a field crowded with worthy contenders poised to grasp the brass ring, it seemed like a response wouldn't be long in coming. But nearly a decade later, there's still no definitive answer.
Soon as 5 starts his dribble, 3 comes hard for the ball - selling himself by yelling 5's name or the word "Ball!" to make his man think he is coming up for the pass.
Young, the new managing director of Coming Home, Lands' End's home furnishings division, is taking up an up-and-coming division in an up-and-coming company.
And Chancellor Helmut Kohl's promise that there wouldn't be a tax increase on western Germans to help pay for unification was coming to resemble George Bush's 1988 campaign promise, "Read my lips."