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comfortable in (one's) own skin

Displaying a relaxed confidence in and clear understanding of oneself and one's abilities, especially when presenting oneself to or interacting with other people. Though his girlfriend's group of friends are all older and more established in life, he is comfortable enough in his own skin to have no problem mingling with them at parties. Janet is so comfortable in her own skin that I have no doubt that she'll find her ideal path in life.
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comfortable circumstances

The state of having enough money to live well. We used to have barely enough money to pay rent, but ever since Pat got that promotion, we've been living in comfortable circumstances.

slip into something more comfortable

A set phrase usually said seductively to a prospective sexual partner. Why don't you pour the wine while I slip into something more comfortable?

(as) comfortable as an old shoe

Very familiar or comfortable, especially in an agreeably unpretentious or unrestrained manner. This car may have seen better years, but it's still comfortable as an old shoe to drive around in.
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*comfortable as an old shoe

Cliché very comfortable; very comforting and familiar. (*Also: as ~.) My old house may seem small to you, but I think it's cozy. It's as comfortable as an old shoe.
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comfortable as an old shoe, as

Familiar and very much at ease, as in Kathy's really enjoying her third summer at the same camp-for her it's comfortable as an old shoe . This simile was once put as easy as an old shoe, first recorded in J. T. Brockett's North Country Glossary (1825). It was most often applied to friends, as in the proverb Old shoes are easy, old friends are best, but today it is used more broadly for easy familiarity in any situation.
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ˌnice and ˈpeaceful, ˈcomfortable, ˈwarm, etc.

pleasantly peaceful, etc: Sit by the fire. It’s nice and warm there.Drink your coffee while it’s nice and hot.
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We've realized the ultimate form of a Japanese compact car'' with improved safety features and comfortableness, said Toyota President Akio Toyoda at a press conference.
Rational choice of suspension structure and performance parameters has a great and direct influence on the traveling smoothness, steering stability and comfortableness of the automobile [4].
Edmund Campion wrote that the "vast crowds who turned out to celebrate Mass with the pope in every capital city demonstrated, if nothing else, their comfortableness at calling themselves Catholics [and their] presence was a rebuttal of those who had been foretelling the imminent breakup of the Australian church.
The right home furnishings are important, not only for the fashion of the home but also the level of comfortableness that everyone searches for.
We attributed this in part to group dynamics and level of comfortableness both with us and the other student athletes present in the session.
They come from the fringes of comfortableness, where they might feel excluded from the middle-classes.
As one lady put it, "We must look up to the Church and not bend down to social comfortableness which is so prevalent today.
The experience acquired in the administration of Banco24Horas also enables TecBan to manage Financial Institution external networks, through External Networks Management, with the best rates of availability offered by the market, ensuring gains of scale, comfortableness, convenience and security.
Familiarity, Comfortableness and Predictability of Song as "Holding Environment" for Mothers of Premature Babies.
Private-sector research by organizational experts such as Senge, Covey, Schein, Tichy and others identify and stress the importance of self-esteem, job satisfaction, continual learning and comfortableness as elements in retaining staff.
I find in my own experience that a coziness, a comfortableness, develops between and among the directors, the management, and the staff, which doesn't produce the most electrifying results that one would like.
In his enthusiasm, one student expressed his comfortableness with the library and explained how he uses it to check email, surf the internet, do class work, study, and many of his personal communications.
Because the youths in the study received services from an agency that serves the sexual minority community, adolescents seeking assistance from agencies that do not have this focus may differ on issues such as degree of openness about their sexual orientation, comfortableness with their sexual identity, or in other similar ways.
Physical features of facilities (particularly, the crowdedness and comfortableness of waiting rooms) have tended to be rated somewhat poorly.