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(as) comfortable as an old shoe

Very familiar or comfortable, especially in an agreeably unpretentious or unrestrained manner. This car may have seen better years, but it's still comfortable as an old shoe to drive around in.
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comfortable circumstances

The state of having enough money to live well. We used to have barely enough money to pay rent, but ever since Pat got that promotion, we've been living in comfortable circumstances.

comfortable in (one's) own skin

Displaying a relaxed confidence in and clear understanding of oneself and one's abilities, especially when presenting oneself to or interacting with other people. Though his girlfriend's group of friends are all older and more established in life, he is comfortable enough in his own skin to have no problem mingling with them at parties. Janet is so comfortable in her own skin that I have no doubt that she'll find her ideal path in life.
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hold (one) at a comfortable distance

To keep one away, either physically or figuratively, in order to afford a level of safety or security or to prevent intimacy. He doesn't like to be touched, so please hold him at a comfortable distance.

nice and (something)

Very something. Used to emphasize how nice something is because of the particular quality named after "and." I love your new house! It's nice and bright inside! Ah, this lemonade is nice and cold—just the thing for such a hot day.
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slip into something more comfortable

A set phrase usually said seductively to a prospective sexual partner. Why don't you pour the wine while I slip into something more comfortable?
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*comfortable as an old shoe

Cliché very comfortable; very comforting and familiar. (*Also: as ~.) My old house may seem small to you, but I think it's cozy. It's as comfortable as an old shoe.
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comfortable as an old shoe, as

Familiar and very much at ease, as in Kathy's really enjoying her third summer at the same camp-for her it's comfortable as an old shoe . This simile was once put as easy as an old shoe, first recorded in J. T. Brockett's North Country Glossary (1825). It was most often applied to friends, as in the proverb Old shoes are easy, old friends are best, but today it is used more broadly for easy familiarity in any situation.
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ˌnice and ˈpeaceful, ˈcomfortable, ˈwarm, etc.

pleasantly peaceful, etc: Sit by the fire. It’s nice and warm there.Drink your coffee while it’s nice and hot.
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Booster: To raise the intensity level even more (but only if you feel comfortable with it; don't overstress your body), Kenkhuis suggests different strokes: "Swim 10 laps of butterfly with just 10 seconds' rest after each lap.
He has a comfortable living arrangement amongst friends Sandy, Tris and Daja.
The high strength polyester material eliminates the need for metal eyelets and adds to the comfortable custom fit, the company says.
He generally wears Adidas trainers because they are comfortable and affordable.
A few of their products are quite premium but their range of wired in-ear earphones with mic are affordable, lightweight and most importantly, very comfortable. In the list below, we'll take you through 4 of the most affordable JBL in-ear earphones.
KWARA state government has delivered 400 new mattresses, 200 double trunk beds, 90 wooden benches and several consumable drugs to the Yikpata Camp of the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC), in a step to make the camp comfortable for graduates deployed for the national service.
Pinoys block people over politics social media study !-- -- MANILA, Philippines Filipinos are among those who are most comfortable talking about politics, although a recent survey showed that four in every 10 social media users in the Philippines have blocked someone because of their political views.
This event highlighted their latest designs and technologies that led them to become the world's most comfortable shoes.
Less than a quarter (23%) place themselves at the other end of the scale, indicating they would be comfortable or extremely comfortable riding in such a car.
Jeremiah's apparent support to Alex's relationship with Maggie definitely helps the DEO agent become much more comfortable with her sexuality - something that may start a new conflict between the couple in future episodes.
Each level of comfort ranging from very uncomfortable to very comfortable was assigned a value from 1 to 5, respectively.
President Rodrigo Duterte has dispelled talk of a Cabinet revamp in the coming year, saying he is 'quite comfortable' with its present composition.
Denver, CO, August 16, 2016 --( To provide family caregivers a simple and convenient way to request home care services for their loved, Comfortable at Home Senior Care - a Denver-based, affordable and trustworthy home care agency - has developed a consumer mobile application.
Carrying yellow brings its own pressures and obligations, but the 31-year-old appeared entirely comfortable as the riders enjoyed an easier day of it in Andorra.