come under fire

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come under fire

To be subject to intense criticism or judgment. The company came under fire after a newspaper reported allegations of the CEO's misappropriation of funds. You will definitely come under fire if they find out that you were responsible for the printing error.
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come under fire


be under fire

COMMON If someone or something comes under fire or is under fire, they are strongly criticized. The president's plan came under fire from critics who said he didn't include enough spending cuts. Britain's prisons are under fire from an international human rights group. Note: This expression comes from the literal meaning of soldiers being under fire, meaning that they are being shot at.
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be/come under ˈfire

1 be shot at: While defending the town we came under fire again last night.
2 be criticized, insulted, etc: The government is already under fire over its housing policy.
See also: come, fire
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The PTI-led KP government often comes under fire in the mainstream media pertaining to the said forestation project, which aims to turn around deforestation and increase the province's forested area by at least two per cent.
The Wrecking Ball singer regularly comes under fire for her raunchy moves and for stripping down in her shows.
weapons arrive and truce collapses at night ASSAFIR: Open book to Sd Hariri: Your return through Arsal's gate is needed to protect Lebanon AL-MUSTAQBAL: Hariri renews his "decisive" support of military institution and March 14 demands implementation of resolution 1701 in Bak Saudi king announces equipping Army to accelerate AL-AKHBAR: Arsal: Evacuation or comprehensive battle THE DAILYSTAR: Arsal truce collapses as Army comes under fire A temporary cease-fire in Arsal was shattered late Tuesday night after two Army posts on hills overlooking the Bek town came under fire by militants, putting the truce attempts in jeopardy, security sources said.
The Government also comes under fire for failing to keep a "firm grip" on maintenance.
But as Penn investigates, he finds that Kidman's African-born character has more to hide than most of the conspirators and even when she comes under fire from the killers, she becomes a suspect in the plot.
They said diplomacy was almost impossible when the embassy - the largest in US history - comes under fire and they travel with armed guards.
Acklington Prison comes under fire in a new report by Chief Inspector of Prisons Anne Owers.
PREMIER Tony Blair comes under fire today for failing to stop Saddam Hussein's execution turning into a macabre farce.
And the council's financial post tion comes under fire, with financial I management given the lowest possible score as councillors battle big budget gaps.
The film opens in the dry heat of Morocco, where Richard (Pitt) and his wife Susan (Blanchett) are travelling through Morocco, when their tour bus comes under fire from an unseen sniper.
A patrol from the US 4th Infantry Division carrying out routine border operations comes under fire from men wearing the uniforms of Iranian border guards.
When Al-Jazeera comes under fire for showing images of killed and captured American troops and is accused of defying the Geneva Convention (which applies to nations, not the media), Bec wryly wonders aloud if American networks are receiving the same amount of rebuke for showing Iraqi prisoners of war.
1pm: Ash Road, Bordesley GreenMudasser Khan comes under fire in a drive-by shooting.
Ironically, one of the complainants was British Telecommunications Plc, which itself frequently comes under fire for abusing its dominant position in the growing internet market.
President Clinton also comes under fire for building unnecessary weapons systems like the Seawolf submarine.