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"The Mediterranean Fleet will be forty-seven hours before it comes together," was the message he heard.
And at the same time the whole nation comes together and cheers on,' she said.
Ted Cruz (R-Texas) issued the following statement of support to the Jewish community as it comes together for the first Shabbat since the horrific, anti-Semitic attack at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:
A CITY UNITED Manchester comes together after the terror attack last month
The cleverly engineered buckle comes together with rare earth magnets and is mechanically held together.
It should be about a gnawing hunger in the soul, about a deep desire to be part of the great human family that comes together to pray, to sing, to weep, to grieve, to remember that not one of us is so worthy as to judge others, and to be nourished in the experience.
The lyrics are a bit hard to follow at times (English is these guys' second language) and they occasionally throw in phrases in Mandarin between "Oi!"s, but it all comes together as incredibly soulful anthems, melodies, and all around inspirational punk rawk.
The shut-offs then reopen the channel when the mold comes together. The stem-to-stem shutoff design is said to eliminate drooling, and stems can be actuated individually.
At least they bond with each other that summer, and the family comes together as they never have before.
Strapp says if everything comes together in the next three to five years, about $705 million worth of new projects will come on-stream to create 615 new jobs.
For comfort and convenience, as well as added value for guests and corporate travel planners alike, it all comes together at Doubletree hotels.
Part of what we are doing when we preach is challenging the way the world comes together for people.
The work comes together through a series of short stories, yet two chapters in particular--"White Buffalo Woman" and "The Origins of Little Willa"--do not fit with the flow of the narrative and cause the novel to be seen as less of a cohesive whole (though they read beautifully on their own).
Asked about the annual telethon, Mr Blair said: ``There's this huge sense of coming together -- the whole county comes together and says this is a cause worth supporting.
Sometimes everything comes together to make a euphoric, ecstatic program; sometimes the result is a mixed bag.