come to the point

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come to the point

To reach the most important or crucial part of something. OK, I have to leave soon, so please come to the point of your story.
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come to the point and get to the point

to get to the important part (of something). He has been talking a long time. I wish he would come to the point. We are talking about money, Bob! Come on, get to the point.
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come/get (straight) to the ˈpoint

talk about the most important problem, matter, etc. immediately rather than have a general conversation first: Stop avoiding the issue and come to the point!Let me get straight to the point. I don’t think you’ll pass this exam unless you work harder.
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References in classic literature ?
But I know they will, because it is a family that a certain lady, of some consequence, at Enscombe, has a particular dislike to: and though it is thought necessary to invite them once in two or three years, they always are put off when it comes to the point. I have not the smallest doubt of the issue.
"You know, when it comes to the point, your parents have always let you have your way ever since you were a little girl," he argued; and she had answered, with her clearest look: "Yes; and that's what makes it so hard to refuse the very last thing they'll ever ask of me as a little girl."
"I have had a little fit since I came into this room, as you may perceive," said she presently, with a playful smile, "but it is over now; so let us sit down and be comfortable; for as to scolding you, Fanny, which I came fully intending to do, I have not the heart for it when it comes to the point." And embracing her very affectionately, "Good, gentle Fanny!
When it comes to the point, the MacAndrews will pay for their schooling."
"I suppose we're all cowards when it comes to the point," said Mrs.
It comes to the point that I want to end everything.'
Humour is important, but if it comes to the point of being overly disrespectful, people can be hurt, as I am sure so many good Muslim people have been offended by the portrayal of their religion in this magazine.
It comes to the point where you might actually feel like you've gone 10 rounds with Cain Velasquez anyway.
It comes to the point where you've got to decide - do we keep going and keep throwing money at it, or take a step back from it a bit?
"It comes to the point where you ask if it's worth carrying on."
WHAT a sad world we now live in when it comes to the point of not wanting children to sit on Santa's knee to make their Christmas dreams come true.
It even comes to the point where he asks his students to guide him through the maze of subtle, unresolved problems.
Moreover, "one never knows what will happen in the future, and maybe some completely different technology will take over before magnetic-data storage comes to the point where one nanoparticle is one single bit,' says Kuch.
I AGREE with D Milner (Viewpoints, Monday, July 8) about illegal parking - until he comes to the point about disabled parking.
When the backup comes to the point where a block was updated, it simply goes to the cache and reads the original block.