come to heel

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come to heel

To assume a position of subjugation, discipline, or submission to authority. You need to come to heel because the CEO was not pleased when you spoke out of turn at the annual general meeting. Sir, the members of your squad are all out of control. They must come to heel right away!
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come to ˈheel


bring somebody to ˈheel

obey the rules; make somebody obey the rules: He’ll soon come to heel if I start to get nasty with him.Tell him you’ll leave him if he does it again. That’ll bring him to heel, I’m sure.
If you tell a dog to come to heel, you make it come close to you.
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The only other hope is that the rental market also comes to heel, giving residents more options to suit their lifestyles and wallets.
Notice therer that it's ' not things inside herself that she's' come to appreciate;r in my experience x ofthe yapping and slathering Black c Dog, self-appreciation r is the last thing that comes to heel.
When it comes to heels, I've found New Look's range particularly tempting.
An art deco clutch helps to complete the vintage style, and in terms of footwear, less is more when it comes to heels. Now, what are you waiting for?
"Women tend to think that when it comes to heels, the higher they are, the better they look.
"I agree absolutely with Victoria Beckham when she says that when it comes to heels it's 'no pain, no gain'," said Mia, who even wore Christian Louboutins as she was taken to hospital to give birth to Atlanta-Rayne, nine, and Sebastien, six.
Tony Burke at Paloma designer shoe shop in Cavern Walks (and an A-listers favourite), says when it comes to heels, size does matter.