come to attention

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come to (one's) attention

To be noticed by one; to enter one's awareness. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "to" and "attention." Once the employee's complaint of mistreatment came to my attention, I knew I had to address it right away.
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come to attention

Of military personnel, to stand at attention (which, in most cases, means looking forward and standing erect with one's arms at one's sides). When they heard the drill sergeant's call, the troops abruptly stopped marching and came to attention.
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come to someone's attention

 and come to someone's notice
to be told to, revealed to, or discovered by someone. It has come to my attention that you are not following the rules. Your comments have just come to my notice.
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come to attention

to assume a formal military posture, standing very straight. Almost immediately, the soldiers came to attention.
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'This is what my grandfather meant when it comes to attention to detail.
I also liked the naughtily humorous element about the girl's constantly nagging aunt, whose forgotten beauty comes to attention again when the only memory of her, after she became the tiger's snack, is an old portrait of her as a young woman.
Canis Minor gets short shrift when it comes to attention. The Little Dog hosts few bright stars or deep-sky wonders to draw us its way.
Yes, you'll probably need to spend a fiver or so to avoid any major periods of inconvenience, waiting for cars to be repaired or serviced, but it's a small price to pay for a game that is technically unbelievable, and worthy of being mentioned alongside the likes of Gran Turismo when it comes to attention to detail.
CONCLUSION: Truncus Arteriosus typically comes to attention in early infancy because increase blood flow results in congestive cardiac failure.
Robert said: "We are both sticklers when it comes to attention to detail.
Douglas Gentile of ISU said that the pace of television programming might also have some brain-changing effects when it comes to attention span.
Belgians go the extra mile when it comes to attention to detail, especially when it comes to food and drink.
The National Institute of Mental Health reports, "There is little compelling evidence at this time that ADHD can arise purely from social factors or child-rearing methods." (2) Not all children with ADHD have the same types of challenges when it comes to attention and learning.
The Usk is considered of national and European importance for wildlife and is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest and Special Area of Conservation - the highest level of environment protection in Europe.: Home-produced fertiliser has economic as well as environmental benefits:Farmers are the common target when the subject of river pollution comes to attention. Localised problems of sheep dip and silt run-off from arable land continues to affect the Usk, but no more than the effects of an urban landscape.
It certainly puts Hawaii on the map when it comes to attention and understanding that Hawaii is serious about kick-starting an emerging sector.
When it comes to attention to historical context, Long is less engaged than other scholars who study material culture as a lens into shifting social values and beliefs.
Hens pass and the toms are following slightly out of range, so I hit the call and one of these gobblers comes to attention and shoots me an inquiring look.
The formation comes to attention. The wing colors are marched out to join the formation.