come (one's) way

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come (one's) way

To be encountered or obtained by one. I really hope this promotion comes my way because it sounds like a fascinating position. Good opportunities always seem to come my brother's way, whether he works hard for them or not.
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come someone's way

[for something] to come to someone. I wish a large sum of money would come my way. I hope that no bad luck comes my way.
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come one's way

Present itself, happen to, as in I sure hope another opportunity like that will come her way. [First half of 1900s]
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come your ˈway

happen to you or come into your possession, temporarily or permanently: Some good luck came his way.When my grandmother dies, quite a lot of money will be coming my way.
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It is a wonderful place based on so many factors ranging from the fact that it is a country that is endowed with natural wherewithals but still have little or nothing much to show for it, a country with resilient citizens who have developed ingenuine 'shock absorbers' to withstand any circumstance that comes their ways no matter how tough, a country where many people in government come up with policies without carrying people along, a country where government officials rush to take decisions they later reverse, a country where government officials contradict themselves and many more.