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come online

1. To become active or begin operating. We've had the building finished for days now, but we're still waiting for the power to come online. Hundreds of new factories are slated to come online over the next year, which will bring a much-needed boost to the economy.
2. To log onto the Internet, usually meaning some social communication service thereof. I'm just waiting for my dad to come online, I haven't spoken to him in weeks!
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come on line


go on line

COMMON If a plan, project or product comes on line or goes on line, it starts to operate fully or be available to be used. This plane was the first to be lost since the popular model came on line in 1982. The government, faced with a major energy crisis, is eagerly waiting for another reactor to go on line. Note: You can also just say that something is on line if it is operating or available. You'll have that machine back on line by nine at the latest.
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Nana Abena Hertie was reacting to a post from someone asking how she will feel when she comes online and see her video trending.
The requirement to purchase third party carbonate will end when the first phase of our lithium carbonate expansion comes online in Argentina, which we currently expect by mid-2020.
"Once the second phase of the project comes online, production of gasoline will be more balanced inside Iran; and once the third phase comes online by late next [calendar] year, the item's production will reach a favorable state in the country," Zangeneh said.
So when the power demand on a lone generator reaches 60%-70%, a second generator comes online, and when their total output reaches 60-70%, a third generator comes online.
New Belgium Brewing reports it has signed contracts with ten wholesalers in Kentucky and is slated to open that market (its 38th state) once its brewery in Asheville, NC, comes online in late 2015.
Once a third caster comes online by the end of 2014, output will jump to around 4m tonnes.
"Phasing in Atrium 2 over this period means that we can assess what is happening in the currently unpredictable higher education market and make timely decisions on when this development comes online and dovetail the development with our plans for the new university," he added.
However, as a record level of hotel rooms supply comes online in 2012 - over 2100 rooms according to TRI Hospitality Consulting - competition for MICE business is expected to increase.
The new line will have a capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year and also produce foil stock sheets when it comes online by the end of 2014, Maaden said in a statement on the Saudi bourse website.
As and when good property comes online, tenants will either upgrade or compare between rates in their existing premises.
Mary Curtis, director of Digital Switch Over at RTE, said the initiative will help people understand how to access the service when it comes online.
A second biorefinery by consortium Vivergo, made up of BP, British Sugar and DuPont, will bring more opportunities for North-east farmers when it comes online later this year in Hull.
The company is taking this step until new capacity from China and the Middle East comes online.
The two Amal fields, in the East and West, could produce up to 60,000 barrels per day (bpd) when the project comes online.
First, that despite their growing shop estate, PP are probably still the most online-centric of the high-profile bookmakers, with financial specialists Bloomberg estimating that half of the firm's operating profit comes online, compared to less than a fifth for the likes of Hills and Ladbrokes.