come naturally

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come naturally

To be a skill that one learns easily or with little effort. Playing the guitar just doesn't come naturally to me—maybe because I have no sense of rhythm. Jackie isn't a great outfielder, but pitching seems to come naturally to her.
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come naturally (to someone)

to be natural and easy for someone. Her ability to deal easily with people comes naturally to her.
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come ˈeasily, ˈnaturally, etc. to somebody

(of an activity, a skill, etc.) be easy, natural, etc. for somebody to do: Acting comes naturally to her.
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come ˈnaturally (to somebody/something)

if something comes naturally to you, you are able to do it very easily and very well: Making money came naturally to him.
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References in classic literature ?
There is something crucial, and something triumphant, not beyond the power, but hitherto beyond the imagination of men in this effect, which is not solicited, not forced, not in the least romantic, but comes naturally, almost inevitably, from the make of man.
In the edge of the evening, a boat was heard coming along, and George Shelby handed Cassy aboard, with the politeness which comes naturally to every Kentuckian, and exerted himself to provide her with a good state-room.
However, I do not here propose to go fully into my own position, lest I should seem tedious, and be accused, not for the first time, of a propensity to lecture --a reproach which comes naturally enough from persons whose conceptions are never too wide to be expressed within the limits of a sixpenny telegram.
She does command, she isn't nervous; it comes naturally to her to rule and control.
Laurie comes naturally by his love of music, for he is like his mother, and I dare say his grandfather fears that he may want to be a musician.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Mar 12 (ANI): Since 225 million Indians speak more than one language, being bilingual comes naturally to us.
ACTING the villain comes naturally to Jennifer Saunders as she takes on a role as the evil manager of an old people's home.
And so, when she comes face to face with a bird, rather than pouncing on it and doing what comes naturally to cats, Saphy instead tries to literally make a new feathered friend.
But then again I'm pretty sure that playing the idiot is something which comes naturally rather than an actual skill.
He said creativity comes naturally to children who are born artistic and interested in learning about words but despite some "amazing teachers doing fantastic work" the education system is proving almost "abusive" to them.
I just do what comes naturally and I get my satisfaction from seeing people at the club smile and laugh.
The playmaker role is one the 21-year-old can operate in but it never appears being there comes naturally to him.
Being bland, rather cruel and incompetent comes naturally to me" - Actor John Cleese.
Summary: Maintaining a calm, confident, even-keeled professional demeanor comes naturally, or at least appears to come naturally, to the most successful inside counsel.
Eye can't help feeling it's the last thing on earth that comes naturally to engineers.