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Someone who displays signs of or potential for ambitious development, advancement, and achievement. That new intern we hired certainly is an up-and-comer, don't you think? I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up running this place someday. He might not have won the championship round, but this amateur is definitely an up-and-comer!

all comers

anyone who chooses to take part in an activity, typically a competition.
1992 Al Gore Earth in the Balance He has traveled to conferences and symposia in every part of the world, argued his case, and patiently taken on all comers.
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n. someone with a bright future. Fred is a real comer. You’ll be hearing a lot about him.
References in classic literature ?
Why, if Adam was to show himself to every new comer that wants to call and gaze at him and strike him for his autograph, he would never have time to do anything else but just that.
Then they all sat down, and drank to the health of the new comers.
From these indications it is easy to imagine Madame Granson in her cold salon with its yellow curtains and Utrecht velvet furniture, also yellow, as she straightened the round straw mats which were placed before each chair, that visitors might not soil the red-tiled floor while they sat there; after which she returned to her cushioned armchair and little work-table placed beneath the portrait of the lieutenant-colonel of artillery between two windows,--a point from which her eye could rake the rue du Bercail and see all comers.
They be all very well for comers and trippers, an' the like, but not for a nice young lady like you.
This village, constructed in a singular and picturesque manner, half Moorish, half Spanish, still remains, and is inhabited by descendants of the first comers, who speak the language of their fathers.
It is unknown how much was consumed in our kitchen by odd comers and goers.
They missed the freedom, indulgence, and familiarity of the old French trading houses, and did not relish the sober exactness, reserve, and method of the new- comers.
So they made the triple trial of strength against all comers.
The eldest of the comers, a girl who wore a triangular shawl, its corners draggling on the stubble, carried in her arms what at first sight seemed to be a doll, but proved to be an infant in long clothes.
During the evening he had been standing against a bar drinking whiskies and declaring to all comers, confidentially: "My home reg'lar livin' hell
The eyes were blue and wide apart, with laughter-wrinkles in the comers that showed despite the tired and anxious expression of the whole face.
At our place, no fear, all comers may have as much as they can eat.
He found that if he sat with the main door open he would enjoy the passing society of all comers to and fro by the gateway, and would have light enough.
I've been getting some place ready for THEM," returned the new- comer.
Fairfax is with her just now, entreating her to be gone; but she has taken a chair in the chimney- comer, and says nothing shall stir her from it till she gets leave to come in here.