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Someone who displays signs of or potential for ambitious development, advancement, and achievement. That new intern we hired certainly is an up-and-comer, don't you think? I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up running this place someday. He might not have won the championship round, but this amateur is definitely an up-and-comer!

all comers

anyone who chooses to take part in an activity, typically a competition.
1992 Al Gore Earth in the Balance He has traveled to conferences and symposia in every part of the world, argued his case, and patiently taken on all comers.
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n. someone with a bright future. Fred is a real comer. You’ll be hearing a lot about him.
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Located at 75 North Main Street, Four Comers Spring Valley features 12,000 s/f of new retail space with eight stores ranging from 1,353 to 1,665 s/f of space.
All four subranges will feature new 'Comer' branding in the top right comer of the lid.
So why are the Comers taking so long to come up with a bid?
It had been thought that Rothschild might try to tempt Ellis to take Villa down from the current asking price of pounds 64 million - the figure that the Comers have been steadily working towards.
Irish brothers Brian and Luke Comer, of the Comer Homes Group, last month signalled their interest in buying out majority shareholder and chairman Doug Ellis.
This is not a book about Indians, although Indians have a role in the story that Comer tells.
The concept of our zone defense is predicated on a few basic rules and guidelines: We have one defender always playing the bar man to man, four defenders always positioned on the-four comers of a large rectangle, and the sixth defender positioned in the crease area.
Though the Comers were poor, there was no deprivation, because Maggie Comer watched what the educated, well-to-do women for whom she worked did and then imitated them, taking her children to the Museum of Science and Industry and to the Field Museum in Chicago.
EA SPORTS(TM), best known for its powerhouse football videogame, now is taking on all fantasy football comers with the announcement of EA SPORTS(TM) Fantasy Football.
For their part, the Comers need convincing that they can make Villa profitable for all parties, including themselves.
It is still unclear how Mr Neville and the Comers were brought together to form the Villa consortium, although it is believed that football business broker Paul Garland was involved.
The court heard how the Comers were extremely traumatised by the attack and that Medina Desmond no longer babysits and cannot be left on her own.
Detective Sergeant Donal Brazil told Dublin District Criminal Court that the Comers were out socialising on October 1, 2000, while the 17-year-old babysitters were minding the couple's daughters, aged 11 and seven.
When the Comers came in the door they confronted them.
Cuando los ninos terminaron de comer la bruja los enterro en un pequeno cuarto.