come out for

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come out

1. To exit a particular place. Please come out of your room and talk with me. Will a car be waiting for us when we come out of the party?
2. To be blurted out; to be said unexpectedly or unintentionally. I didn't mean to insult her hairdo, it just came out!
3. To be rendered in a particular way, often a way that was not intended. I didn't mean to insult her hairdo, but everything I said just came out wrong. I double checked my typing, but the text still came out all garbled. There must be a problem with the interface.
4. To be revealed or exposed. When will the truth finally come out?
5. To become visible. After so much rain, I was thrilled when the sun finally came out.
6. To be removed or washed away. I hope this stain comes out in the wash.
7. To have a particular result or level of quality; to turn out. How did your project come out? For my first try at baking, these cookies came out pretty good!
8. To equal a monetary amount. What do all of your medical bills come out to?
9. To be made available to the public; to be officially released. I'm so excited that my favorite author has a new book coming out in a few weeks.
10. To make one's formal debut in society, as of a debutante. Will your daughter come out at the Debutante Ball this year?
11. To reveal a personal secret, typically one's homosexuality, after having kept it hidden. Once you come out to your parents, you will be very relieved.
12. To make a stance public. The senator, long undecided, has finally come out in support of the bill.
13. To join one's friends in public socializing. Jen and Dean never come out anymore now that they have kids.
See also: come, out

come out for (someone or something)

To reveal or voice one's support for someone or something. Many people in our small town have come out for that big construction project because the closest store right now is 10 miles away.
See also: come, out

come out for someone or something

 and come out in favor of someone or something
to announce or reveal that one supports someone or something. The defense lawyers all came out for the judge's ruling. Roger came out for Lynn, who was running for mayor. I thought the mayor would come out in favor of more public housing.
See also: come, out