come out at

come out at

1. To leave a particular place to attack someone or something. In this usage, "at" is followed by a person or thing. Keep that door closed because the cat will come out at this bird if it lands.
2. To equal a certain amount. In this usage, "at" is followed by a total or other terms related to numbers or money. My medical bills have come out at such a high number that I don't know how I will pay them.
See also: come, out

come out at someone or something

 and come out toward(s) someone or something
to emerge and attack someone or something. The dogs came out at us, but we got away. Betsy's bulldog came out toward my bike as I rode by.
See also: come, out

come out at an amount

 and come out to an amount
to result in a certain amount, as the result of mathematical computation. The total charges came out at far more than we expected.
See also: amount, come, out
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These spaces can provide an opportunity for younger gay writers to come out at their own pace, on their own terms.