come online

come online

1. To become active or begin operating. We've had the building finished for days now, but we're still waiting for the power to come online. Hundreds of new factories are slated to come online over the next year, which will bring a much-needed boost to the economy.
2. To log onto the Internet, usually meaning some social communication service thereof. I'm just waiting for my dad to come online, I haven't spoken to him in weeks!
See also: come, online

come on line


go on line

COMMON If a plan, project or product comes on line or goes on line, it starts to operate fully or be available to be used. This plane was the first to be lost since the popular model came on line in 1982. The government, faced with a major energy crisis, is eagerly waiting for another reactor to go on line. Note: You can also just say that something is on line if it is operating or available. You'll have that machine back on line by nine at the latest.
See also: come, line, on
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As telcos come online with their video products the effect is expected to be similar to that of the last ten years, with the new platform driving deeper multichannel penetration and expanding the market.
As most of the new fabs that began construction about two years continue to come online in 2007, they will be joined by 8 of the 11 fabs that just began construction in the June quarter.
The industry will continue to grow at a measured pace as biopharmaceuticals move through the pipeline to commercial scale and the new capacity continues to come online.
Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale and other municipalities are scheduled to come online by the end of the year.