come naturally

come naturally

To be a skill that one learns easily or with little effort. Playing the guitar just doesn't come naturally to me—maybe because I have no sense of rhythm. Jackie isn't a great outfielder, but pitching seems to come naturally to her.
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come naturally (to someone)

to be natural and easy for someone. Her ability to deal easily with people comes naturally to her.
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come ˈeasily, ˈnaturally, etc. to somebody

(of an activity, a skill, etc.) be easy, natural, etc. for somebody to do: Acting comes naturally to her.
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come ˈnaturally (to somebody/something)

if something comes naturally to you, you are able to do it very easily and very well: Making money came naturally to him.
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Summary: Maintaining a calm, confident, even-keeled professional demeanor comes naturally, or at least appears to come naturally, to the most successful inside counsel.