come into own

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come into (one's) own

1. Of a person, to reach a new level of maturity, independence, or success. Often said of young adults. Betsy has really come into her own this year. A full-time job, a new apartment—she's doing great!
2. Of a thing, to prove to be very useful or helpful. When you're waiting for the bus in freezing weather, your coat will really come into its own, believe me.
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come into one's (or its) own

to become independent; to be recognized as independent and capable, usually after much effort or time. Maria is coming into her own as a concert pianist.
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come ˌinto your/its ˈown

have the opportunity to show how good or useful you are or something is: When the traffic’s as bad as this, a bicycle really comes into its own.It was only when she became Health Secretary that she came into her own.
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come into (one's) own

1. To get possession of what belongs to one.
2. To obtain rightful recognition or prosperity: a concert pianist who has at last come into his own.
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