come home to

come home to (someone or something)

1. To return home to a particular person or thing. The phrase can also end at "to," typically when the person or thing at home is named earlier in the sentence. I'm always thrilled to come home to my family after a long day at the office. My nephew is watching my kids, so I anticipate coming home to chaos. Now that the kids are all in college, it's strange having no one to come home to.
2. To be understood or realized by someone. A solution finally came home to me as I was falling asleep last night.
See also: come, home, to
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come home to someone or something

to arrive home and find someone or something there. (See also come home to someone.) I like to come home to a happy house. I look forward to coming home to you.
See also: come, home, to

come home to someone

Fig. [for a fact] to be recognized suddenly by someone. Suddenly, it came home to me that you thought I was Ronald. The importance of the events of the day finally came home to me.
See also: come, home, to
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