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combine (something) against (someone or something)

To integrate multiple things, people, or qualities in order to counteract or oppose someone or something else. We have to combine all possible research methods against this disease before it becomes an epidemic. We must combine forces against this dreadful foe!
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combine (something) with (something)

To add or mix two or more things together. Now, we need to combine the meat with the rest of the ingredients in the stew.
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combine forces (with one)

To work together with one. If you two combine forces, you might just win the election after all. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to combine forces with Michael if you want to get this done.
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join forces (with one)

To work together with one. If you two join forces, you might just win the election after all. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to join forces with Michael if you want to get this done.
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combine something against someone or something

to join something together in opposition to someone or something. We will combine forces against the enemy. Our game plan combined our various talents against the opposite team.
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combine something with something

to mix something with something else. I want to combine the red flowers with the pink ones for a bouquet. First, combine the eggs with the sugar.
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join/combine ˈforces (with somebody)

work together in order to achieve a shared aim: The two firms joined forces to win the contract. OPPOSITE: part company (with/from somebody/something)
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Port 3 of the combiner is open circuit terminated to avoid power losses when the amplifiers are delivering different power levels.
Hence, the proposed expression describing the relation between the combiner's weight [lambda] and the difference [delta] reduces to (10).
The combiners can be used in fixed earth stations, SNG/DSNG vehicles and flyaway units.
When a Wilkinson coupler is used as a power combiner, its insertion loss is minimal when adding two coherent signals (that is, in-phase).
Duplicating the readings of vital instruments on the combiner has not decreased the number of instruments as such.
"By reducing on-site labor and materials, Bentek's value-add combiner options help improve project critical path schedules in one cost effective package," stated John H.
The combiner can be divided, for simplicity of synthesis, in several sub-sections to be designed independently, as illustrated in Figure 2(a).
[The station's] engineering division was looking for combiners with a compact design to fit in small transmitter rooms and be able to provide superior performance and low loss in varying temperatures and environments.
The combiner aligns the cartons and speeds them onto a belt conveyor that leads to the Hytrol ProSort.
To support an upgrade to more channels, national broadcaster China Central TV (CCTV) recently decided to make room atop the huge CCTV Tower in downtown Beijing by installing FM combiner systems, which result in fewer antennas and lines cluttering an already-crowded tower.
The Gantner hardware portfolio includes string monitoring devices, DC and AC combiner boxes, weather stations, power quality meters, data loggers and the power plant controller "Q.reader."
They're basically an optical projector that displays an informationally compressed flight data display on a glass screen called a combiner. The idea is that the pilot can look through the display and see critical data such as attitude and airspeed while avoiding the distraction of looking down at the panel.