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combine (something) against (someone or something)

To integrate multiple things, people, or qualities in order to counteract or oppose someone or something else. We have to combine all possible research methods against this disease before it becomes an epidemic. We must combine forces against this dreadful foe!
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combine (something) with (something)

To add or mix two or more things together. Now, we need to combine the meat with the rest of the ingredients in the stew.
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combine something against someone or something

to join something together in opposition to someone or something. We will combine forces against the enemy. Our game plan combined our various talents against the opposite team.
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combine something with something

to mix something with something else. I want to combine the red flowers with the pink ones for a bouquet. First, combine the eggs with the sugar.
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join/combine ˈforces (with somebody)

work together in order to achieve a shared aim: The two firms joined forces to win the contract. OPPOSITE: part company (with/from somebody/something)
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According to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) in North America and Europe - Market Size, Trends and Key Country Analysis to 2020 research report, boosted by growing electricity demand and increasing environmental awareness, Europe's Combined Heat and Power (CHP) installed capacity will climb from an estimated 202 Gigawatts (GW) in 2014 to 245 GW by 2020, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.
In a medium bowl, combine the banana puree, sour cream, and vanilla and mix until combined.
Our highly complementary Gulf assets, coupled with the significant operating and administrative synergies and associated cost savings we have identified, uniquely position the combined company to generate considerable upside value for shareholders of both EPL and Stone.
Add enough soda water until smooth and well combined.
Fischer, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the combined Company, stated, "We are very pleased that our merger with Schick Technologies has been completed and look forward to working with their talented team.
The combined pipeline also includes Phenserine, Axonyx's lead compound for AD, which is in Phase III clinical development.
The southwest has 49 per cent combined and 20 per cent swathed or ready to straight combine; the southeast has 32 per cent combined and 27 per cent swathed or ready to straight combine.
Subsequent to a full exercise of the option, Eva Fraim-Pahlman will own 1,301,614 Series B shares in Mekonomen, which combined will represent 4.
Transfer to a blender and pulse until well combined, about two minutes.
I can't believe it (happened) in the combined because I'm not very good in downhill.
An architect will need to prepare plans and specifications showing the combined apartments.
Add the egg and slowly mix in flour by hand until combined.
California recently opened a new chapter in its ongoing struggle with the use of Federal consolidated return principles in the California combined report.
As soon as possible after the consummation date, management having the appropriate level of authority completes the assessment of which acquired activities to exit and approves and completes the combined company to the plan.
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