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a little from column A, a little from column B

Having been formed from two distinct factors, elements, or reasons. She asked me if I drew more from real life or from my imagination when writing; in truth, it's a little from column A and a little from column B.
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fifth column

A clandestine group of people who work subversively within a group, organization, or country in order to betray it to an allied outside force. In the US during the Cold War, there was constant fear and suspicion of people supposedly working in a fifth column to spread the influence of communism from within.
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fifth column

A secret subversive group that works against a country or organization from the inside, as in The government feared that there was a fifth column working to oppose its policies during the crisis . This term was invented by General Emilio Mola during the Spanish Civil War in a radio broadcast on October 16, 1936, in which he said that he had una quinta columna ("a fifth column") of sympathizers for General Franco among the Republicans holding the city of Madrid, and it would join his four columns of troops when they attacked. The term was popularized by Ernest Hemingway and later extended to any traitorous insiders.
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dodge the column

shirk your duty; avoid work. British informal
Column is a military term which refers to the usual formation of troops for marching.
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fifth column

an organized group of people sympathizing with and working for the enemy within a country at war or otherwise under attack.
Fifth column is a translation of the Spanish phrase quinta columna : during the Spanish Civil War, an extra body of supporters was claimed by General Mola as being within Madrid when he besieged the city with four columns of Nationalist forces in 1936 .
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Get up close and stand within this huge columned Doric Temple to enjoy views across the countryside.
Separate 2-story guesthouse, natural stone floors, custom designed cabinetry and columned pool cage.
Its columned design holds five 3 1/2-inch-by-5-inch photos on the outside and has storage inside for many more.
A columned monument on the quay and a Claude-like temple under the cliff add to the picture's beatific stillness.
From the cut of the female costumes to the balanced and symmetrical movement of Jeannette Zingg's extensive choreography to the columned formality of Gerard Gauci's sets, the visual complemented the deliberate aural simplification of Gluck's reformed musical style.
This beautiful glass-roofed arcade, only a short walk from the Grand Place, was built in 1846, and the stunning marble- columned interior is home to elegant restaurants and shops.
Wood details were as prominent as fabric ones, appearing in turned, fluted and columned legs.
At the heart of the NMD, and central to its mission, is a columned foyer with the names of twenty-one dance luminaries inscribed on the frieze in gold letters.
Catskill, on the west bank of the Hudson about 100 miles north of New York City, has a movie house with a marquee on Main Street along with a columned courthouse and places to window shop.
8221; Luxury features abound, such as granite countertops, arched and columned living room and dining room, a bath for each bedroom, plantation shutters, computer-controlled home monitoring system, fire-protection sprinkler system, electric rolling shutters for the lanai and more.
Four times the size of a large detached house on the estate, Runnymede Mansion also incorporates lady's and gentleman's dressing rooms and bathrooms, which lead off from the master bedroom, with its two floor-to-ceiling windows and columned terrace and balcony.
A good-sized driveway leads to the front of the property, which has a marble columned portico entrance with detailed stone carvings.
Given its size and imposing columned entrance the Exchange was the grandest building of its day.
The renovations will also replace the existing granite columned facade with more a more modern and appealing glass facade.