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Plants, poisonous, not affecting certain coloured animals; selection applied to; gradual improvement of; not improved in barbarous countries; destroyed by insects; in midst of range, have to struggle with other plants; nectar of; fleshy, on sea-shores; fresh-water, distribution of; low in scale; widely distributed
In the Orinoco it occurs on the rocks periodically washed by the floods, and in those parts alone where the stream is rapid; or, as the Indians say, "the rocks are black where the waters are white." Here the coating is of a rich brown instead of a black colour, and seems to be composed of ferruginous matter alone.
[8] Their numbers must be infinite: the ship passed through several bands of them, one of which was about ten yards wide, and, judging from the mud-like colour of the water, at least two and a half miles long.
The colour of the water, as seen at some distance, was like that of a river which has flowed through a red clay district, but under the shade of the vessel's side it was quite as dark as chocolate.
In the sea around Tierra del Fuego, and at no great distance from the land, I have seen narrow lines of water of a bright red colour, from the number of crustacea, which somewhat resemble in form large prawns.
All infantry units and bases (Kenya Air Force and Kenya Navy) are presented with both presidential and regimental colours.
Mapping colours to your clothes is as much a science as it is an art.
Key words: web safe colours, colour profiles, CIE L *a*b*, [DELTA]E value
From about the age of two, your child will be interested in learning the names of different colours, which introduces plenty of opportunities to play.
'People of refinement', remarked Goethe, 'have a disinclination to colours. This may be owing partly to weakness of sight, partly to the uncertainty of taste which readily takes refuge in absolute negation.
In 1990, Cross Colours co-owners Carl Jones and Thomas J.
Nowadays the sequence of colours reproduction is characterized by open architecture, i.e.
It has taken over 20 years to complete the job Summerson started, and this has only been accomplished due to the enthusiasm of Peter Thornton, who retired as curator last April, to funds raised in the US by the Sir John Soane Foundation which supplement money from MEPC, the property company, and the Department of National Heritage, and to the professional expertise of Ian Bristow, who undertook the archaeological analysis of the ground-floor room to determine the original colours, to architects Julian Harrap and to paint conservator Pauline Plummer.
A host of new special-effects pigments and FDA-approved grades are being introduced by Dayglo Color, Delta Colours, Silberline, and EMD Chemicals Inc., while Gharda Chemicals, an Indian producer of high-performance pigments, is launching its colorants business in the U.S.
Reckitt's Colours International of England (represented here by Whittaker, Clark and Daniels, South Plainfield, N.J.) will feature its expanded Premier line of ultramarine and manganese blue and violet pigments.