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If you are going to use several colors throughout your home, keep your woodwork and trims all the same color, preferably white.
Words closely associated with Stroop-test colors interfere more with color naming.
Custom matched colorants include dust-free beads; high-load concentrates that work well in PE and PVC film and bottles; micro-fine dry colorants for rotational molding; and liquid colors for all applications.
The VCT electronic database stores pigments and formulas for matching each of the millions of colors.
Bayplast organic pigments available in several basic colors offer high color strength and brilliance, superior heat stability, lightfastness and weather resistance.
Matched custom colors or single-pigment concentrates.
And while blue-tinted hues are emerging as one of this year's hottest trends, high contrast colors in yellows, greens, pinks and oranges will also brighten up home interiors.
Independence, Ohio, says browns, blacks and golds are in demand, as well as customized colors such as blue and orange for schools and universities.
By listening to a band's music, he says, "I Can decide which colors will best visually interpret each band's sound, mood, and image.
In photographing a pair of lung-shaped galaxies called the Antennae galaxies (see cover), Malin captured the colors of two gigantic bodies in the process of devouring each other.