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Holcobatch nondusting and free-flowing granular pigment dispersion for coloring a range of plastics and elastomers.
Tinting strength and hiding power of the pure types are double those of lithopone types and recommended for coloring film and sheet when minimum pigment content and maximum opacity are needed.
The second method is a continuous system where material is fed into a hopper and grinder, and then fed directly into a coloring system.
The coloring has a lot to do with how the wood is ground," says Brian Shea, whose company makes mulch colorants as well as the Mulch Color Jet application system.
With dry-color mixing - the most widely used coloring approach in rotomolding, the processor must measure colorant very accurately.
Dry color is also the lowest-cost approach to coloring, and it adds far less inventory burden than precolor.
Geode line of complex inorganic pigments (heat-stable, light-stable, weatherable, and chemically resistant) is suitable for coloring most thermoplastics and thermosets, and recommended for engineering resins and rigid PVC.
of Spain, a producer of ultramarime pigments, which are suitable for coloring most thermoplastics.
Holcobatch is an encapsulated, nondusting and free-flowing pigment dispersion suitable for the coloring of a broad range of polymers and elastomers.
At the concentrations usually used for coloring (1-2%), carbon black also provides significant uv protection.
Paste and liquid dispersions of inorganic and organic pigments are supplied for coloring polyester, urethane, phenolic, epoxy, acrylic, and PVC.