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collude with (someone or something)

To scheme or conspire with someone or something. The president of the company colluded with his receptionist to conceal all evidence of his crime.
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collude with someone or something

to plot or conspire with someone or a group. The CEO colluded with the board of directors in the stock scandal.
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Every subject is denoted as 0 if he is a colluder in a given round and is denoted as 1 otherwise.
Keep in mind Tzipi Livni,=20 current Foreign Minister, and Shimon Peres, current President - as planners= =20 and colluders with the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to get approval= =20 for this limited assault on Gaza and Hamas.
Colluders can also set up peers that provide some high-quality responses but mixed with pointers to spamming peers.
Similarly, it has been argued that the Federal Court's actual practice in imposing penalties does not reflect a consistent deterrence approach: David K Round, 'An Empirical Analysis of Price-Fixing Penalties in Australia from 1974 to 1999: Have Australia's Corporate Colluders Been Corralled?
When the Menzies mission to Cairo failed, the colluders felt they were that much closer to their concerted use of force.
Consequently, state funds, as a good number of ordinary Suphanburians say, reach the village level in full without being devoured by rapacious civil servants and their colluders along the way.
Leading sites also operate state-of-the-art computer programs designed to prevent collusion, detect fraud patterns and identify colluders.
24) Historians--some of them willing scholarly colluders in the racist ideologies of the 1930s and 1940s (25)--did nothing to address the problem, and the musical public had little repertoire upon which to base any more substantive views.
Even if price agreements are made and enforced, colluders can "cheat" by competing on the basis of quality, delivery or service, warranties, or other add-ons.
The cooperative efforts of colluders can create the impression that controls are being followed.
It is not a pretty picture, and there are plenty of villains, colluders, and bystanders to go around.
It seems an impossible situation to uphold a faith when its spiritual leaders are exposed as guilty colluders in horrific crimes against innocents.
If such collusion were to harm consumers, the colluders would then have an incentive to cheat on their agreements, and newcomers would have an incentive to enter markets in which collusion was raising prices.
In order for a collusive agreement to remain viable, the colluders must exert some effort to enforce the agreement, that is, to detect and punish defectors.
The Congressional banking committees, the grand colluders in this conspiracy, were inundated with money from sleazy financial institutions and sleazy real estate developers, and from the hundreds of sleazy, high-priced law firms and sleazy accountants and sleazy appraisers that laid the foundation for their dirty work.