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collude with (someone or something)

To scheme or conspire with someone or something. The president of the company colluded with his receptionist to conceal all evidence of his crime.
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collude with someone or something

to plot or conspire with someone or a group. The CEO colluded with the board of directors in the stock scandal.
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The most striking feature of the table is that the evolution of bidding behavior moves in only one direction: once a subject becomes a tacit colluder, he almost always remains a tacit colluder.
First, in terms of colluders, it should be obvious that acolytes and opportunists need to be rooted out and let go.
For example, in Figure 8, as one candidate of node B's next-hops, node A lies about its location and associates with disguisers ([H.sub.4]-[H.sub.7]) as its colluders. The mutual neighbors of A and B, [H.sub.1]-[H.sub.7], need to report their RSS values related to A to B and work based on majority voting.
In Padilla, Hogan, and Kaiser's work, susceptible followers, in the form of colluders and conformers, are a part of a destructive environment.
They can be organized to a collusive group or chain through collaborating with each other to promote their reputation values or to decrease other peers' reputation values, such as the colluders in Maze or eBay system;
These have S less than one and are associated with behaviors that are more likely to be engaged in by noncolluders than by colluders.
When circumstances make it possible for one agent or a few colluders to prevent someone from obtaining the goods needed to engage in wide ranges of activities (or at least a few crucial ones), then they can threaten to prevent someone from achieving most other ends.
The revolutionary concepts were exported, and the colluders turned up to write, preach, and kill in the United States, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France.
In addition to Tajneed, the colluders also had Signor Peltro and Rileyskeepingfaith, who were third and fourth, Hitchens and Tiddliwinks, who were sixth and seventh, and ninth-placed Advanced.
The point is that while Desai is the kingpin of the medical education racket, the army of colluders he heads is also really large.
Future studies may examine systematically under what conditions public managers will behave as conservators of regime values versus colluders of private interests.
AT a time when we should be investing in skills and education, this myopic bunch of colluders called the New Labour Government chooses to cut university places.
(267.) In order for RPM to substantially facilitate a manufacturer cartel, by either dissuading cartel participants from cheating or making their cheating more visible, it must be in widespread use among the colluders. See HOVENKAMP, supra note 39, [section] 11.2b2, at 453 ("The manufacturers' cartel will work, however, only if its members collectively control enough of the market to wield monopoly power.").
If the attacker responds with a set of valid colluding nodes, its attack results ineffective because the colluders' ids are scattered along the keyspace, so the lookup procedure proceeds properly.
To Iran, those entrusted with the Palestinian cause quickly turn to defeatists, colluders and agents.