collude with

collude with (someone or something)

To scheme or conspire with someone or something. The president of the company colluded with his receptionist to conceal all evidence of his crime.
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collude with someone or something

to plot or conspire with someone or a group. The CEO colluded with the board of directors in the stock scandal.
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He said traders had hired villagers to collude with local authorities in Oral district to forge documents, claiming the land was farmland so they could sell it to a private company.
Whether you're a supporter of the President or not, it's good to know that he didn't collude with a foreign country.
Trump operates with his winning at all costs mentality, do you believe that he would cooperate or collude with a foreign power to win the presidency?
'The syndicate members collude with the locals and fishermen in order to mask their illegal operations and avoid detection from the authorities,' said Zainal Abidin.
He said that Sonko's accusations are political and unfortunate because he has no reason to collude with anyone to steal from the county.
Moscow has denied any interference, and Trump says his campaign did not collude with Russia.
CONTRACTORS USING TRICKS TO CREAM OFF DONOR MONEY By once they clinch the deal, they will then collude with government officials to vary the contracts for every imaginable excuse, eventually pushing the cost way beyond what was offered by other bidders during the competitive stages.
An unholy alliance of selfish politicians, religious zealots, dictators, career bureaucrats, criminals, corporate fat cats, the arms industry, multi-nationals, and the financial institutions compete, conspire and collude with little or no empathy for those who suffer.
We have too much knowledge to collude with that kind of attitude."
Songs by Paul McCartney, the Beach Boys, and Don Henley collude with wobbly voices and Orff percussion to create an otherworldly school sing.
Is Roshan prepared to collude with closeted celebrities for the sake of selling magazines?
WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's legal spokesman, Rudy Giuliani, on Wednesday night appeared to grant the possibility that members of Trump's campaign did, in fact, collude with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election campaign.
Giuliani added that he has only said Trump, rather than his campaign, did not collude with the Russians.
Newly appointed DCI chief George Kinoti says the Flying Squad is being reconstituted because of reports some police collude with criminals.
"To ignore the offered 'calling card' is to collude with the continuing concealment of domestic violence behind closed doors." Signs to look for include a patient coming into the surgery with the injury hidden by clothing, a partner who refuses to let the woman come to the surgery alone or a patient giving an unconvincing explanation of her injury.