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collide with (someone or something)

To crash into someone or something. There's a major traffic jam because a tractor-trailer collided with a car earlier. The runner did collide with the first baseman, but neither one was injured.
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collide with someone or something

to crash with or bump into someone or something. The bus collided with a truck. Maria collided with Alice, but neither was hurt.
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He denied failing to stop when requested by cops and, after colliding with the police car, driving on and endangering the policewoman who had a hold of the door handle.
On its official Twitter account, NASA shared the stunning ( image of NGC 6052, which actually consists of two galaxies in the process of colliding with each other.
But it doesn't rule out interactions--other than gravitational effects--among dark matter particles colliding at low speeds.
The Yamaha rider lost control of his bike after colliding with the Honda.
In a major step toward understanding what the universe was like moments after the Big Bang, scientists at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on Wednesday began colliding stable beams of lead ions -- lead atoms stripped of negatively charged electrons -- at ( unprecedented energies .
Colliding bodies left over from planet formation probably generated the debris.
Electrons colliding with atomic nitrogen may paint the sky pink, blue or purple (though these colors are difficult for the human eye to detect).
A NUNEATON motor cyclist who had decided to turn back on his journey due to road conditions died after colliding with a trailer being towed by a car on a blind bend, an inquest heard.
Stephen Ganyard, an on-air aviation consultant for ABC News,( told WXYZ that the United Airlines personnel are equipped for scenarios such as the bird colliding with the plane.
Peering deep into the maelstrom of two colliding galaxies, astronomers have discovered a cluster of massive stars exploding like fire-crackers.
The OAP received serious injuries when his car collided with the young female, believed to have been walking to a shop, before colliding with another vehicle in Queens Road, New Tredegar at around 4pm yesterday.
If a space rock is large enough, it could kill millions of people by colliding with Earth, Shoemaker says.
A United Airlines passenger jet and a cargo plane came within 300 feet of colliding on Sunday night at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration says.