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collide with (someone or something)

To crash into someone or something. There's a major traffic jam because a tractor-trailer collided with a car earlier. The runner did collide with the first baseman, but neither one was injured.
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collide with someone or something

to crash with or bump into someone or something. The bus collided with a truck. Maria collided with Alice, but neither was hurt.
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Evidence: Evidence should include the distance the second marble travels after the first marble collides with it.
When a cue ball collides with a colored ball, it transfers some of its -- --, or energy of motion, to the colored one.
If a cue ball collides on an angle with a colored ball, both balls would deflect in a V-shape at a -- angle.
"The trick is to collide a bullet of electrons with a bullet of light," Schoenlein says.
When a comet or asteroid collides with the moon or one of the terrestrial planets, it typically generates a shock wave powerful enough to melt some of the rock.
Rather, the lower plate redirects its motion and subducts downward, just as an oceanic plate does when it collides with a continent (figure 3).
DUMAND does not actually detect neutrinos, but rather bursts of Cerenkov light given off by muons created when a neutrino collides with a proton or neutron near Earth's surface.
Higher-energy neutrinos from outside the solar system, however, occasionally do collide with atoms inside the planet.
"It is a tradition to collide ions over one month every year as part of our diverse research programme at the LHC," CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer said, in a ( statement AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA marking the occasion.