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collide with (someone or something)

To crash into someone or something. There's a major traffic jam because a tractor-trailer collided with a car earlier. The runner did collide with the first baseman, but neither one was injured.
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collide with someone or something

to crash with or bump into someone or something. The bus collided with a truck. Maria collided with Alice, but neither was hurt.
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At most, about 20 percent of the current near-Earth asteroids might fall into the sun -- not enough to forestall worries that one of them might someday collide with Earth, he says.
The pictures indicate that the charged particles that collide with atoms to create these X-rays must have originated at the top of a magnetic loop high in the corona.
astronomers predicted that if downward-moving proton beams were indeed the carriers, these particles would collide with hydrogen atoms to produce a brief but telltale type of ultraviolet radiation.
The team finds that while high-speed fullerenes bounce back when they collide with silicon surfaces, those with metal atoms inside do not rebound as readily.
Also, since the shuttle orbits Earth at about 7.8 kilometers per second, the free-floating oxygen atoms that collide with the shuttle hit their target quite fast.
The third stage, due in 1995, will be a second 3-TeV beam to collide with the first.
But the stars themselves are unlikely to collide with each other as they are tiny compared to the vast spaces between them. 
How do things collide when there is never anything to collide with? Either galaxies are rushing outward in all directions with the same impetus from the point of the Big Bang, or they are not.
Romance readers will pick up Kiss Crush Collide with high hopes but will do better with works by Simone Elkeles, Jennifer Echols, or Siobhan Vivian.--Anita Beaman.
However, both vehicles did not collide with each other and the five vehicles in the earlier accident, he said.
A horrible accident took place this morning at the 95th kilometer of the highway, when a bus packed with people collided with a goods vehicle A security source identified the bus's high speed as the cause of the accident, saying that high speed caused the bus to collide with a truck pulling a trailer.