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cow college

1. A college or university whose education focuses on agriculture. I always loved working on our farm growing up, so even though I could have gone to business or law school, I always knew I'd be heading to a cow college.
2. Any small, rural college or university, especially one that is relatively unknown or not well regarded. I'm just getting my first two years out of the way at this cow college before applying to a proper university.
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give (something) the (old) college try

To attempt or try something. I gave knitting the old college try, but I just didn't enjoy it. Give it the college try and I think you'll find that it's easier than you think.
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the (old) college try

An attempt to do something. I gave knitting the old college try, but I just didn't enjoy it. Give it the college try and I think you'll find that it's easier than you think.
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work (one's) way through (school)

To work a full- or part-time job in order to pay for one's tuition. "College," "university," etc., can be used instead of "school." Kate is working her way through college, but paying for classes as she's able to afford them. Your father and I both worked our way through university, so I don't see any reason why you can't do the same.
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Joe College

A term applied to an average male college student. Does Joe College really have an interest in academics, or is he only interested in partying?
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Graystone College

slang Prison. If you keep getting into trouble like this, you're going to end up going to Graystone College one day.
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old college try

a valiant effort. Will made the old college try, but that wasn't enough to get the job done.
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cow college

An agricultural college; any small, relatively unknown rural college. For example, He's never published a paper, but he might do all right in some cow college. This term uses cow in the somewhat pejorative sense of "provincial." [c. 1910]
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old college try, the

One's best effort, as in Come on, if we give it the old college try we just might be able to cut down this tree . This slangy expression, originally a cheer to urge a team on, dates from the 1930s when college football films were very popular.
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give something the old college try

If you give something the old college try, you make a great effort to succeed, even if this is not possible. Despite the failure of her last movie, she is still giving acting the old college try.
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ˌwork your way through ˈcollege, etc.

have a paid job while you are a student: She had to work her way through law school.
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Graybar Hotel

and Graystone College
n. a jail; a prison. The two cops had to spend two years in Graybar Hotel with some of the inmates they had caught over the past few years. How long were you at the old Graystone College?
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Graystone College

See also: college, Graystone

Joe College

n. a typical or average male college student. Joe College never had a computer or a laser-powered record player in the good old days.
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old college try, (give it) the

Do the best you can, even if you think it’s a hopeless cause. This slangy Americanism dates from the 1930s when college football films became very popular in the United States. The phrase was one of the cheers intended to urge on a team that was falling behind or facing overwhelming odds. Transferred to other endeavors, it came to be used more or less ironically.
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Joe College

A typical male college student. The phrase came on the scene in the 1930s, usually applied approvingly, but occasionally as a label for a student whom the academic life sheltered from having to hold down a “real job” in the “real world.”
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