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take a collection up (for someone or something)

To request and collect donations (usually money) from people (for the benefit of someone or some cause). Before we leave, I wanted to let you know that Mrs. Stein is taking a collection up for incoming refugees fleeing the war. Every Saturday, I take a collection up from people in and out of the grocery store by my house, and I donate the money to the state's veterans association.
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take up a collection

To request and collect donations (usually of money) from people (for some cause). Before we leave, I wanted to let you know that Mrs. Stein is taking up a collection for incoming refugees fleeing the war. Every Saturday, I take up a collection outside of the local grocery store in support of veterans.
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take a collection up (from someone) (for someone or something)

to collect money from people for someone or something. Karen took a collection up from everyone in the office for Bill. Karen took up a collection for Bill from everyone in the office.
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take up a collection

Request and gather donations, as in They were taking up a collection for the church that burned down, or The veterans' group takes up a collection every month of household goods and furniture. This idiom was first recorded in 1849.
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