collect for (someone or something)

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collect for (someone or something)

To solicit money, especially that which is owed, for a particular reason. People keep calling to collect for my credit card bills. There's a boy at the door collecting for charity.
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collect (money) for someone or something

to solicit money for the benefit of someone or something. I would like to collect some money for Fred, who is in the hospital. I am collecting for the church building fund.
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collect (money) for something

to solicit money that is owed. I'm collecting money for payment on your loan. Someone is calling to collect for the newspaper delivery.
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"Margaret is in her 80s and has been collecting for us for decades."
Joseph's, and the United Methodist Church collecting for us," he said.
Arwel said: "We would like to thank everybody who have been collecting for us. We are so grateful.
A huge thank you to intu Eldon Square and Metrocentre for supporting the appeal and to their staff for collecting for us.
"Our family and friends have all been collecting for us and getting their friends to help too.
We were very surprised that we were in the top 10 for the first time ever and it is thanks to you for collecting for us.
We had not only parents collecting for us, but shops and the wider community.
"Lots of people who use the stables say they have been collecting for us and we've sent letters to the schools who send children here so we should have support from them, too." The group supports Riding for the Disabled at the stables, based in Calderstones Park.
It's a small place but everyone buys the Sunday Mail and they are all collecting for us."
His mum, Margaret, praised his teachers, saying: "Shops, businesses, individuals and people of all professions are busy collecting for us.
"Whilst we have a good existing network of pupils and their families and friends collecting for us, we ask that the wider Sunderland community gets involved to help boost our chances of becoming the Back to School Collection Contest winners," Drop pens into the school reception.
"We'll certainly be sending out fliers, text messages and using social media to encourage our families to get collecting for us again this year," added Stuart.
"We have lots of family and friends collecting for us."