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collect around (someone or something)

To gather around someone or something. The kids collected around the clown to watch him make balloon animals.
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collect on (something)

To request or pursue something that has been offered or promised to one. Remember when you offered to watch the baby? Well, I need to collect on that now. It's time to collect on that debt he owes me.
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collect up

To gather items. A noun or pronoun can be used between "collect" and "up." I need someone to help me collect up all of these donations for the food drive. Collect your toys up—it's time for bed!
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cool, calm, and collected

Calm and composed. I was petrified to take the stage, but Alice was cool, calm, and collected, Practicing meditation has helped me to be cool, calm, and collected in times of trouble.
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collect something up

to gather something up. Collect your things up, and let's go. I collected up all my luggage and left.
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cool, calm, and collected

Cliché [of a person] very calm and poised. James did very well in his TV appearances. He stayed cool, calm, and collected. The bad news didn't seem to distress Jane at all. She remained cool, calm, and collected.
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cool, calm, and collected

Calm and composed, self-possessed. For example, No matter what the board decides, you have to appear cool, calm, and collected in front of the stockholders . This alliterative synonym for cool as a cucumber dates from the late 1800s.
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cool, calm, and collected

mod. cool; unabashed. Albert is almost always cool, calm, and collected.
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He said "the rich world collectedly has a duty to show the promises that
You were interested with the fixtures and fittings and you deliberately, coolly and collectedly took them for your own purposes.
It is Marlowe, not Mona, who retrieves the keys off the corpse, and it is Marlowe who then collectedly hands them to Bacall's Vivian (who replaces Mona Mars in the scene) to unlock his cuffs before they make a quick getaway.
The way Cliff succinctly and collectedly describes what was undoubtedly a most difficult and distressing chapter in his life, one which many others would refer to as a tragedy, jolts me from our ordered and relaxed surroundings.
Cumming ventures calmly and collectedly into the spy's psyche, but as the plot peters out you find yourself aching for the excitement of some James Bond-style fantasy to spice it all up.
He said: "He sat for five or ten seconds and just very calmly and collectedly pulled out as if pulling out after buying a bag of groceries.