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collect around (someone or something)

To gather around someone or something. The kids collected around the clown to watch him make balloon animals.
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collect on (something)

To request or pursue something that has been offered or promised to one. Remember when you offered to watch the baby? Well, I need to collect on that now. It's time to collect on that debt he owes me.
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collect up

To gather items. A noun or pronoun can be used between "collect" and "up." I need someone to help me collect up all of these donations for the food drive. Collect your toys up—it's time for bed!
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cool, calm, and collected

Calm and composed. I was petrified to take the stage, but Alice was cool, calm, and collected. Practicing meditation has helped me to remain cool, calm, and collected in times of trouble.
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collect something up

to gather something up. Collect your things up, and let's go. I collected up all my luggage and left.
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cool, calm, and collected

Cliché [of a person] very calm and poised. James did very well in his TV appearances. He stayed cool, calm, and collected. The bad news didn't seem to distress Jane at all. She remained cool, calm, and collected.
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cool, calm, and collected

Calm and composed, self-possessed. For example, No matter what the board decides, you have to appear cool, calm, and collected in front of the stockholders . This alliterative synonym for cool as a cucumber dates from the late 1800s.
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cool, calm, and collected

mod. cool; unabashed. Albert is almost always cool, calm, and collected.
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Rs 15825.65 million while in 2017-18, the amount collected as toll fee was
In Ekiti 666,591 of 909,967 registered voters collected their PVCs, while in Bayelsa 769,509 of the 923,182 registered voters collected the PVCs.
And despite not participating in collecting the entire amount, JamboPay courtesy of its contract with City Hall according Ouko billed 4.5percent for the entire amount collected.
Port of Surigao collected P3 million versus its P2 -million target; Port Cagayan de Oro posted P1.804 billion versus its P1.634-billion target; Port of Zamboanga collected P67 million versus its P27-million collection goal; Port of Davao posted P2.458 billion versus its P1.857-billion target; Port of Subic collected P2.347-billion versus its P 2.082-billion target.
Responding to a question, he said cellular companies had collected Rs1,096,578,187 as sales tax from consumers in last three years.
MMDA data includes trash collected from 27 cemeteries in 15 cities and 1 municipality in Metro Manila.
SALTBURN ANIMAL RESCUE ASSOCIATION (SARA) Wish tokens collected: 109,892 Prize received: PS1,286.13.
The highest amount of collected municipal waste was registered in the Skopje Region--147,220 tonnes, or 26.5 percent of the total collected amount in the Republic of Macedonia.
Last year, Rumney RFC collected 21,136 tokens and received PS431.86, Birchgrove Primary School collected 20,708 and received PS423.11 and 1st Trowbridge 83rd Cardiff Scout Group collected 19,786 tokens and received PS404.28.
Grey recycling bins and green waste bins are collected every other week.
We collected 11052 tokens We received PS121.25 Addison Street Carers' Association We are a registered charity run by the parents and carers of children and young people who access Addison Street Short Break Unit in North Shields.
From the Transport Department, the government expected to collect Rs 565 million but only Rs 192 million could be collected. It had been estimated that Rs 2,018 million would be collected from Communication and Works but only Rs 832 million were collected.