collect yourself/your thoughts

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collect (oneself)

To compose oneself so that one's actions are not dictated by one's emotions. I know you're angry, so you need to collect yourself before you go in there and say something you'll regret to your boss.
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collect one's thoughts

Fig. to take time to think through an issue; to give some thought to a topic. I'll speak to the visitors in a moment. I need some time to collect my thoughts.
See also: collect, thought

collect yourself/your thoughts

1 try to control your emotions and become calm: I’m fine — I just need a minute to collect myself.
2 prepare yourself mentally for something: She paused to collect her thoughts before entering the interview room.
See also: collect, thought
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Treat social media like email--give yourself time to collect your thoughts before posting or tweeting.
These are the means to help you collect your thoughts and celebrate your life.
Collect your thoughts, comments and gripes on the issue together with the broadband speeds you are currently receiving (broadbandspeedchecker.
don'T wAffLe - If nerves get the better of you and you start to talk too much or waffle, take a few moments to collect your thoughts.
It's not that anyone has wronged you, but you may feel caught in a situation where having some time to yourself can help you to collect your thoughts - especially if you have felt pulled two ways.
Peace and tranquility can give you the space to collect your thoughts and plan your next steps.
If you're batting first, the main thing is to collect your thoughts before you face your first delivery.
Sometimes after you have had a tough day like we did yesterday, it is nice to have a bit of a break to collect your thoughts and it is not a bad thing.
Take time out to collect your thoughts in the Hot Jobs Cafe, with a range of hot and cold drinks and snacks.
A walk blows the cobwebs of the week away, gets some fresh air into your lungs and gives you a moment of clarity to collect your thoughts without your attention being constantly diverted.
As Clinton's approval ratings dropped in recent weeks, the vice president gave his friend some blunt advice: Pace yourself, get your schedule under control and set aside more private time to collect your thoughts.
There have been a lot of demands on you recently and this kind of thing can help you to collect your thoughts.
Perhaps your best bet would be to step back for a while and collect your thoughts.