collect for (someone or something)

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collect for (someone or something)

To solicit money, especially that which is owed, for a particular reason. People keep calling to collect for my credit card bills. There's a boy at the door collecting for charity.
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collect (money) for someone or something

to solicit money for the benefit of someone or something. I would like to collect some money for Fred, who is in the hospital. I am collecting for the church building fund.
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collect (money) for something

to solicit money that is owed. I'm collecting money for payment on your loan. Someone is calling to collect for the newspaper delivery.
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"We have also asked that other members of the local community in Inverurie collect for us, and packets can be dropped off at the Scout hut during our section meetings in term time."
"This is our money that they collect for us and are supposed to return back to us," said Trustee Paul Hoefert.
We also have a brilliant opportunity for a collection on Stockton high street, on Sunday, August 6, and we're looking for people to volunteer to collect for us.
We have a box in the gym and we have people going round local pubs and businesses asking them to collect for us."
"We got leaflets made and have just been asking everyone to collect for us. All the shops have got posters in their windows.
Our volunteers turned out in force to collect for us and hundreds of people took a few minutes out from their Christmas shopping to give.
Our volunteers braved the cold to collect for us and hundreds of people took a few minutes out from their Christmas shopping to give.
This includes unnecessary calls to third parties and implied threat, including pressuring consumers with phrases such as: "We're going to send somebody to collect for us one way or the other."
"One of the guys who wanted to collect for us needed 3 1/2 days to get a permit, and when the permit was issued, it was for an area where the product didn't even grow."
Redcar's Poppy Appeal organiser, David Blissett, said: "On behalf of the RBL Poppy Appeal, I would like to thank all the people who collect for us, and who give so generously."
COLLECT FOR US Members of the West Moor Residents Association at the village's Community Centre