collect for

collect for (someone or something)

To solicit money, especially that which is owed, for a particular reason. People keep calling to collect for my credit card bills. There's a boy at the door collecting for charity.
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collect (money) for someone or something

to solicit money for the benefit of someone or something. I would like to collect some money for Fred, who is in the hospital. I am collecting for the church building fund.
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collect (money) for something

to solicit money that is owed. I'm collecting money for payment on your loan. Someone is calling to collect for the newspaper delivery.
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"I also collect for Workaid, a charity based in Chesham (in Buckinghamshire)," said Marion, a retired nurse and medical secretary.
Broad notices that "people who do collect for investment generally don't have the best eyes.
We are challenged not only by the amount of time it takes to treat our patients, but also by the amount of time it takes to collect for our services.
As the exhibit shows, one would have to expect to collect for many more years before deciding to reject the FSA option.
Therefore, an FSA would be advantageous unless they both lived to collect for 51 years.
"One of the guys who wanted to collect for us needed 3 1/2 days to get a permit, and when the permit was issued, it was for an area where the product didn't even grow."