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collate (something) with (something)

To pair or compare something with something else. Collate this spreadsheet with that one and look for any discrepancies.
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collate something with something

to compare or match something with something. Try to collate these figures with that other list. I can't collate these notations with the spreadsheet they go with.
See also: collate
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The modular design of Presto D3 toploading collator facilitates handling of multiple product and carton types and sizes on the same machine as per its manufacturer.
The Collator specifically addresses drawbacks found in similar systems on the market explained Paul Wilkinson, Pacepacker's Business Development Manager: "We found that many systems available did not control the fall of the product very well.
Among the three entities, the collator is the first to get activated after microblogged data is posted on the blackboard.
Another benefit of the collator, she says, is that you have a plastic-wrapped preprint package that can palletize well, can be transported well, then be inserted into a Sunday newspaper very neatly.
is introducing a 35,000-per-hour SE3500 and is completing work on what Seidel describes as a highly automated, high-throughput collator.
The big problem, according to Richard Donnell, research director at Hometrack, a leading online collator of housing market data, is that a growing proportion of homes on the market are held by "discretionary owners" only prepared to take the asking price or something very close to it.
Exhibition collator and Radio Ulster DJ Stuart Bailie said he was amazed by the response.
Similarly, Eisenstein's critique of Vertov is presented in such a way as seemingly to endorse his view of Vertov as a passive collator of raw material in contrast to his own 'trans formative, constructive relationship with that material' (p.
Equipment includes a tabulator, calculator, sorter, collator, reproducer, three keypunches, two verifiers and a card interpretator.
Last night, a formerintelligence collator for Humberside Police said blunders in the records system for vetting had allowed Huntley's sordid history to go unknown in Soham.
Other essays include work on the stemma of the Piers Plowman B manuscripts, Byron and Medwin, Edward Young's The Centaur Not Fabulous, the Hinman collator, and Samuel Richardson's anonymous periodical writings.
In identifying itself, a printer would report its color capability, the various resolutions it supports, whether a document finisher and collator are available, and the contents of its input drivers to help make the proper match.
In 1034 Ouyang Xiu was appointed a collator of texts in the Imperial library at Kaifeng.
As in the case of all such collections, however, the difficulty for an editor or collator is to try to minimize overlap and repetition on the part of different contributors.