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collate (something) with (something)

To pair or compare something with something else. Collate this spreadsheet with that one and look for any discrepancies.
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collate something with something

to compare or match something with something. Try to collate these figures with that other list. I can't collate these notations with the spreadsheet they go with.
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The Nepal Rastra Bank, central bank of the country is unaware about withdrawing money from banks by giving collator of the government owned land.
The modular design of Presto D3 toploading collator facilitates handling of multiple product and carton types and sizes on the same machine as per its manufacturer.
Pacepacker's original Collator System was designed and built specifically for The Co-op.
In the current study, the proposed architecture (Figure 2) includes three autonomous agents namely a collator, an analyzer and a reporter, each performing a specific function.
The Rifle Bullet Feeder will fit on most 7/8"-14 threaded progressive presses, and features a four-country universal 110-240 power supply-operated collator unit.
RCBS's Pistol Bullet Feeder Kit is designed to fit on most 7/8"-14 threaded progressive presses and features a 110VAC-operated collator unit that orients the bullets to drop into the feed mechanism.
8 mins LESSON 12 collating, collator, verifier, ticket converter, review.
Organiser of the day and collator of a huge collection of memorabilia is Stile Common Nursery and Infants School learning mentor Jill Mellor.
Volume, zoning and advertiser versioning have dramatically increased the complexity of ordering and tracking preprints from warehouse to collator or insert machine.
The collator of this bi-lingual posthumous publication, Aftab Ahmed, has gathered together all the variant translations of Qur'anic verses found in Martin Ling's published and unpublished works and presented them in an orderly manner, clearly indicating the source where they first appeared or else marking them as previously unpublished.
And Quipp had entered the inserter business with its In-Line machine, competing with Muller Martini's Model 227 and serving as the basis of its collator with polywrapper.
The big problem, according to Richard Donnell, research director at Hometrack, a leading online collator of housing market data, is that a growing proportion of homes on the market are held by "discretionary owners" only prepared to take the asking price or something very close to it.
Exhibition collator and Radio Ulster DJ Stuart Bailie said he was amazed by the response.
Similarly, Eisenstein's critique of Vertov is presented in such a way as seemingly to endorse his view of Vertov as a passive collator of raw material in contrast to his own 'trans formative, constructive relationship with that material' (p.
Equipment includes a tabulator, calculator, sorter, collator, reproducer, three keypunches, two verifiers and a card interpretator.