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collate (something) with (something)

To pair or compare something with something else. Collate this spreadsheet with that one and look for any discrepancies.
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collate something with something

to compare or match something with something. Try to collate these figures with that other list. I can't collate these notations with the spreadsheet they go with.
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The levels of customer service are collated through questionnaires completed by Ford's new car sales and service customers every year.
The results are collated on a cartridge within the booth, which is then removed and downloaded onto a computer after polling stations have closed.
All stories will be collated by a consultant from Rugby Library in Little Elborow Street.
This second volume completes the first edition of Fanshawe's collected works, and includes "The Lusiad, Or, Portugal's Historicall Poem," "Specimen rerum a Lusitanis," "Latin Epitaphs," "Querer por Solo Querer," and "Fiestas de Aranjuez." Copy texts include manually-corrected printed texts with provenances in Fanshawe's family and immediate circle" and, in the case of "Specium rerum a Lusitanis," a presentation manuscript compiled under Fanshawe's direction; substantive textual variants are collated. The textual introduction details these copy texts, extensive commentary accompanies each poem, and Professor Roger Walker has contributed an essay on the translation of Camoes.
The National Weather Service (NWS), with more than 280 offices in the United States, keeps long-term precipitation and temperature records for all of its bureaus, which are collated by the National Climatic
Speaking with newsmen in Abuja, Prince Tonye Princewill, Director, Strategic Communications, Tonye Cole Campaign Organisation, accused INEC of doctoring results of collated results to favour the PDP candidates and even prepared Certificates of Return for the party candidates in outstanding local government areas where results have not been collated.
COLLATED SCORES and totals in second round of Canarias Open de Espana 129David Park 64 65; 133Christian Cevaer (Fra) 66 67; 134Peter Hedblom (Swe) 68 66; 135Henrik Nystrom (Swe) 70 65,David Lynn 67 68 Missed the cut:145Nick Dougherty 70 75
Each jockey was photographed holding the book and the photographs have been collated and framed.
Thankfully next year all the figures will be collated using the same methods but meanwhile a lot of guesswork is being applied to the true picture of crime.
Their eight counters from a team of ten collated 263 points in the stableford event but despite their fine efforts it left them 12 adrift of the winners, hosts Purley Chase and four behind runners up Marconi Coventry.
The author presents textual sources from antiquity to the eighteenth century, and has collated a wide variety of secondary studies.
Blair Nimmo, of accountancy firm KPMG, who collated the figures said:
At the end of the election, the results were counted and declared at the various units, wards and eventually collated at the LGA Collation Centre, and subsequently declared by the LGA Returning Officer.