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collate (something) with (something)

To pair or compare something with something else. Collate this spreadsheet with that one and look for any discrepancies.
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collate something with something

to compare or match something with something. Try to collate these figures with that other list. I can't collate these notations with the spreadsheet they go with.
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Collate 1.0 and Art-Copy 7.5 can be purchased directly from or through select computer stores and distributors.
To date, COLLATE's digital library comprises about 18000 digitized document pages, providing detailed documentary evidence of film censorship procedures in these three countries within the initially defined time period.
Scan & Collate works with leading health boards throughout Wales and the rest of the UK, including Guys & St Thomas Hospital in London, University Hospital Wales in Cardiff, Bristol and Birmingham Children's hospitals and many others.
Glyn Thomas, of UK Steel Enterprise, said: "We have provided a high quality office base for Scan & Collate at the Innovation Centre, which will be the hub of their UK operation.
It is not so long ago that doctors were complaining about the same thing - using time they could spend with patients to collate statistics for the Government to use as political ammunition.
Denver-based AccTrak21's CRM module is designed to provide users with the tools to collate, share and analyze vital customer information.
But as personal computer users struggle to retrieve and collate information from increasingly complex and unwieldy computer files and data bases, something more than memorizing lists of commands or following sequences of instructions is needed.
Mirabile dictu, because he could collate sources that Kristeller himself never saw, Tedeschi's account of this dramatic story is in several respects superior to Kristeller's own published and unpublished accounts.
It is certainly the constitutional responsibility of INEC to conduct elections, collate and announce results in a credible and acceptable manner, open to the participation and scrutiny of the public at all times and within the eyeballs and participation of political parties and their agents throughout voting, collation and declaration.
A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has struck out a suit challenging the decision of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conclude, collate, and announce the governorship election results from Tafawa Balewa Local Government in Bauchi State.
ACCOUNTANTS in the West Midlands have clubbed together to collate information and best practice in business dealings with charities.
It explained that: 'The Collation Officer, under pressure from Party Agents who could not wait for the arrival of a replacement result sheet, decided to collate the result on an available RA result sheet instead of the replacement LGA result sheet.