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collate (something) with (something)

To pair or compare something with something else. Collate this spreadsheet with that one and look for any discrepancies.
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collate something with something

to compare or match something with something. Try to collate these figures with that other list. I can't collate these notations with the spreadsheet they go with.
See also: collate
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Registered users can individually log-in and work at their local desks while accessing the central COLLATE database server (currently hosted at Fraunhofer IPSI).
Collaboration support in the COLLATE working environment incorporates advanced system functions based on an explicit model of collaborative indexing and annotation (cf.
We call the implemented COLLATE system a collaboratory since it exactly complies with the common definition: It employs a Web-based interface which supports distributed users in their interaction with other, geographically distant colleagues within a virtual expert team, sharing the necessary instruments, computational resources, data and knowledge (from the underlying repository).
After digitization of the source material the COLLATE film experts had to catalogue all of the digitized documents.
The main task of the COLLATE users was the indexing and annotation of document sources.
The COLLATE system allows users to view and enter various kinds of metadata, such as cataloguing data, indexing keywords (either selected from a structured classification scheme or entered as free keywords) and annotations describing the whole document or marked-up parts of a document to which an annotation is then assigned.
Whereas cataloguing and keyword indexing are somewhat traditional tasks of documentalists--though very important for later making accessible the digitized collection--the concept of collaborative discourse through annotations is a characteristic, innovative feature of the COLLATE system.
Each COLLATE user was asked to add information to all document sources in the core collection, thus complementing the analyses of the other team members.
In the beginning (before the actual implementation and of the COLLATE technology) most of the communication between users was done within meetings, by email and phone.
As by then the COLLATE prototype was under development and did not include any direct users communication facility, we decided to use a commercial product with high reliability.
Other typical examples are: Having read an annotation in the COLLATE system a user turns to Sharepoint asking the author of this annotation for a more detailed explanation.
Despite first doubts concerning the acceptance of an additional software tool in the project, Sharepoint quickly was fully integrated into the workflows of the COLLATE archivists/film experts.
collating and sharing information before actually starting with the indexing and annotation work within the COLLATE system.
Although the Sharepoint tool was quite helpful and well accepted at an early stage of the project, we decided to incorporate only a small part of its communicative functions into the COLLATE system itself.
1998), and was now adapted to the current COLLATE system requirements.