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collapse into (something)

1. To physically drop or fall into something. Once Sarah crossed the finish line, she collapsed into her boyfriend's arms. After I got home from a 12-hour day at work, I collapsed into a comfy chair and dozed off.
2. To abruptly enter a negative state, such as a depression. After I lost my job, I collapsed into a serious depression. Economists have been warning that the country could collapse into another recession if preventative measures are not taken.
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collapse under the weight of (someone or something)

To fall down after supporting someone or something that is too heavy. The roof collapsed under the weight of all that snow.
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collapse into something

1. Lit. to fall down into something with suddenness, as if out of energy. She was so tired, she collapsed into the chair. Juan collapsed into a chair and fell fast asleep.
2. Fig. [for someone] to fall into a particular kind of despair. The poor man collapsed into a deep depression. Scott collapsed into his own personal brand of grieving.
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collapse under someone or something

to cave in under the weight of someone or something. The grandstand collapsed under the weight of the spectators. The bridge collapsed from the force of the flood.
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collapse, fall, etc. in/into a ˈheap

fall down heavily and not move: He collapsed in a heap on the floor.
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The report has recommended that some pre-construction measures be taken in order to minimise damage to buildings in collapsible soils, and one such recommendation was excavating the soils and building a conventional reinforced concrete strip footing.
A line of reusable and one-way shipping crates made of 0.75-inch thick plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) is fully collapsible and ISPM-15 export compliant.
Collapsible cores are compatible with other mold components, such as two-stage ejectors and internal latch locks.
Weight is 8.4 lbs., stock is fixed or collapsible and capacity is 5+1.
Unlike limited-use corrugated bulk containers that are awkward to assemble and knockdown, Maximizer, engineered with an integrated pallet, lid and one- piece collapsible sidewalls, is easy to assemble and collapse by one person and can be reused hundreds of times.
He added: "We were able to give them wine and tea and cakes and biscuits - and a collapsible chair."
A relatively new category, collapsible kitchen tools are a great value-added purchase for your customer.
It has found that using durable plastic and steel containers has two advantages--first to lower automotive companies operational expenses by elimination of one-way packaging; and second to reduce transport costs by implementing collapsible and nestable solutions which help to maximize empty packaging for return transport.
In addition, the collapsible shipper, which has a 330-gallon capacity, is designed to reduce the cost of return shipping and the storage space required for reusable IBC's.
X600, Standard Collapsible Reusable Plastic Containers for Handling of Fruits and Vegetables.
The chair's conveniently located examination spotlight, wide turning range of 300[degrees], collapsible armrests, and 80[degrees] position enable the specialist to maneuver comfortably.
This is particular useful information where other forms of self-defense such as pepper sprays, collapsible batons, mace, billy clubs, knives, and guns are prohibited by law.
The company makes and supplies items such as loading bay doors and dock levellers, safety lights and collapsible frame dock shelters.
When he opened the door, a stranger, later identified as John Rippet, attacked him, beating him on the head and body with a collapsible metal baton, opening up gashes on his head.
Integrated functions include: a cowl tank with filling access, support for the wiper system, guides for cooling air, an acoustic shield, a collapsible structure for head protection, and antennas for the audio system.