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collapse into (something)

1. To physically drop or fall into something. Once Sarah crossed the finish line, she collapsed into her boyfriend's arms. After I got home from a 12-hour day at work, I collapsed into a comfy chair and dozed off.
2. To abruptly enter a negative state, such as a depression. After I lost my job, I collapsed into a serious depression. Economists have been warning that the country could collapse into another recession if preventative measures are not taken.
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collapse under the weight of (someone or something)

To fall down after supporting someone or something that is too heavy. The roof collapsed under the weight of all that snow.
See also: collapse, of, weight

collapse into something

1. Lit. to fall down into something with suddenness, as if out of energy. She was so tired, she collapsed into the chair. Juan collapsed into a chair and fell fast asleep.
2. Fig. [for someone] to fall into a particular kind of despair. The poor man collapsed into a deep depression. Scott collapsed into his own personal brand of grieving.
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collapse under someone or something

to cave in under the weight of someone or something. The grandstand collapsed under the weight of the spectators. The bridge collapsed from the force of the flood.
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collapse, fall, etc. in/into a ˈheap

fall down heavily and not move: He collapsed in a heap on the floor.
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The crane, police said, collapsed as its operator was trying to lift a 5-ton excavator to the top of the building.
The three-storeyed Husaini building was collapsed on Thursday in Mumbai's Bhendi Bazaar area, where the death toll in Mumbai's Bhendi Bazaar building collapse rose to 22.
So, after a while, the ceiling support system lost its ability to support the weight of the ceiling, and the ceiling collapsed.
In September 2001, the Queen Isabella Causeway in Texas collapsed after a string of barges driven off course by currents crashed into a bridge support.
The tunnel collapsed late Tuesday in the northeast of the Islamist-ruled enclave after several days of rainfall.
The building collapsed without warning with 30 residents still inside.
BEIRUT: The defense team for Claude Saade, an owner of a building which collapsed in a Beirut neighborhood in 2012, said its client was a "victim" of the old rent laws, and shifted blame for the collapse on the government, instead.
The popular Lagos-based Synagogue Church Guest House building at Ikotun downtown area of Lagos, collapsed on Friday.
Several others are feared trapped inside the debris of the building which collapsed in posh Colaba area of India's financial capital," a senior police officer said, Xinhua reported.
Mark Waggamon says two contractors who were tethered to a 300-foot (100-meter) tower were killed when it collapsed Saturday in West Virginia.
The woman in her 40s collapsed on the pavement next to New Hey Road close to the Sun Inn junction shortly after 6pm yesterday.
46% are not aware that a third tower collapsed on 9/11.
WHEN Australia collapsed at Chester-le-Street on Monday, I kept thinking about what England coach Andy Flower had said after the third Test about England's resilience.
Egypt's official news agency says a residential building has collapsed in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, killing one person and injuring four.
The report goes on to identify three properties in Sundridge Street which are directly above where the roof of the tunnel collapsed.