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collapse into (something)

1. To physically drop or fall into something. Once Sarah crossed the finish line, she collapsed into her boyfriend's arms. After I got home from a 12-hour day at work, I collapsed into a comfy chair and dozed off.
2. To abruptly enter a negative state, such as a depression. After I lost my job, I collapsed into a serious depression. Economists have been warning that the country could collapse into another recession if preventative measures are not taken.
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collapse under the weight of (someone or something)

To fall down after supporting someone or something that is too heavy. The roof collapsed under the weight of all that snow.
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collapse into something

1. Lit. to fall down into something with suddenness, as if out of energy. She was so tired, she collapsed into the chair. Juan collapsed into a chair and fell fast asleep.
2. Fig. [for someone] to fall into a particular kind of despair. The poor man collapsed into a deep depression. Scott collapsed into his own personal brand of grieving.
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collapse under someone or something

to cave in under the weight of someone or something. The grandstand collapsed under the weight of the spectators. The bridge collapsed from the force of the flood.
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collapse, fall, etc. in/into a ˈheap

fall down heavily and not move: He collapsed in a heap on the floor.
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Meanwhile, three children, Ahmed, 7, son of Nadim; Ismail, 5, Anika, 12, daughter of Nadim got injured as the roof of their house collapsed near Star Gate.
Danjuma said that the buses were plying the routes on a daily basis between 8.30 am and 9.30 pm, pending the reconstruction of the collapsed bridge, which claimed three lives during the incident.
"Typically, a collapsed lung requires some degree of architectural abnormalities within the lung," Neptune told ( Live Science .
According to details, roof of the house collapsed during repair work to stop leakage caused by the heavy rain, killing 60-year-old Munir and his wife Naziran on the spot and injuring five other people.
Fire personnel along with a rescue team rushed to the spot to restrain the damage, soon after the building collapsed.
Dukki SHO Ibrar Hussain told The Express Tribune that the coal mine collapsed when miners were digging 1,700 feet deep inside it.
School and village officials said the covered court at the Sinubong National High School in Barangay Sinubong, about 26 kilometers from the city proper, collapsed around 8:30 a.m.
According to details, two kids die as the roof of their house collapsed in Chongi No.
Sources further said the four-storey building collapsed in Mohalla Aslam Khan area of the Walled City which resulted in residents being trapped under the debris of the collapsed building.
The roof of the building appeared to have collapsed and a scaffolding frame fell away, landing on the roadside.
The province's deputy governor Keo Nearithy on Thursday presumed that the riverbank had collapsed naturally.
SHANGLA -- A suspension bridge connecting three union councils of Shangla with rest of the district collapsed for third time here on Saturday, forcing the people to cross the Khan Khwar by foot.
A KCSE candidate collapsed and died on Tuesday after finishing his exams in Homa Bay county.
14, a motorway bridge collapsed in Genoa, killing around 30 people and injuring many others.
A four-story building in Seoul abruptly collapsed Sunday for unclear reasons, leaving one person with non-life threatening injuries.