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collapse into (something)

1. To physically drop or fall into something. Once Sarah crossed the finish line, she collapsed into her boyfriend's arms. After I got home from a 12-hour day at work, I collapsed into a comfy chair and dozed off.
2. To abruptly enter a negative state, such as a depression. After I lost my job, I collapsed into a serious depression. Economists have been warning that the country could collapse into another recession if preventative measures are not taken.
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collapse like a house of cards

To fail abruptly and spectacularly due to having a fundamentally weak, unstable, or insecure structure or organization. (Likened to a literal house of cards, which is built by balancing playing cards against one another, and is very easily toppled). Greg decided against investing in the new technology company because he got the feeling that it would collapse like a house of cards. These sorts of schemes rely so precariously on the continued and unwavering participation of their contributors that they inevitably end up collapsing like houses of cards.
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collapse under (something's) own weight

1. Literally, of a building, structure, item, etc., to be so heavy as to cause its own collapse. The giant skyscraper was so top-heavy that it ended up collapsing under its own weight. You need to add additional supports or else that scaffolding is going to collapse under its own weight.
2. By extension, to be or become so onerous, burdensome, or overbearing as to lead to its own downfall or ruin. The company acquired dozens of smaller businesses, but expanding into so many different markets proved to be too much for it to manage, and it ended up collapsing under its own weight. The empire spread itself thin trying to maintain control of so many different nations, and as unrest in those domains grew, it eventually collapsed under its own weight.
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collapse under the weight of (someone or something)

To fall down after supporting someone or something that is too heavy. The roof collapsed under the weight of all that snow.
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collapse into something

1. Lit. to fall down into something with suddenness, as if out of energy. She was so tired, she collapsed into the chair. Juan collapsed into a chair and fell fast asleep.
2. Fig. [for someone] to fall into a particular kind of despair. The poor man collapsed into a deep depression. Scott collapsed into his own personal brand of grieving.
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collapse under someone or something

to cave in under the weight of someone or something. The grandstand collapsed under the weight of the spectators. The bridge collapsed from the force of the flood.
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collapse, fall, etc. in/into a ˈheap

fall down heavily and not move: He collapsed in a heap on the floor.
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