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collaborate with (someone or something)

To work on a task with another person or group. Which department are we collaborating with on this campaign?
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collaborate with someone or something

to work together on something with someone or a group. I will collaborate with Amy on this research. I was forced to collaborate with a totally uninformed committee.
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Makapili, or Malayang Katipunan ng Pilipino, was the largest salaried force of military collaborators, mainly to suppress guerrilla resistance.
Collaborators without an account must register to gain
Levitz's approach to the collaborative process illuminates the reasons behind the spectacular failure of this collaboration on all sides: nearly everyone involved had an agenda and aesthetic ideal that was orthogonal to at least one of the other collaborators' views.
First, collaborators are terrified and they are particularly terrified of those individuals (usually one or both parents or other significant adults) who perpetrated violence against them when they were a child although this terror and, remarkably, the identity of their perpetrator(s) remain unconscious to them.
Hashem said that leniency with collaborators would encourage others to act against the interests of Lebanon.
In view of collaborator's privacy concerns, information such as identity, the number of collaborators, and where the sources come from should not be revealed.
The posters and handbills said, 'They (collaborators) will not be trusted and they have just one path - to become part of us and that is Hurriyat line, no to Indian Constitution and call for civil disobedience.
The most suitable protocol for the increasing of the number of satellite cells is Eccentric Resistance Exercise which enforces its effects through the activation of the hormone system (IGF-1) and the immune system (IL-6) and growth factors (HGF and MGF) (Begue and collaborators, 2013; O'Reilly and collaborators, 2008).
Free radicals are highly reactive atoms or molecules that have unpaired electrons in their last layer of valence (Deus and collaborators, 2017).
Congress condemned the government of Ukraine's ongoing efforts to glorify "Nazi collaborators."
Muscular strength is related to physical fitness, health status and to the functional capacity of the individual (Matsudo and collaborators, 2015; Soares and collaborators, 2016; Wind and collaborators, 2010).
Alleged Nazi Collaborators in the United States after World War II.
Those Palestinians who have passed information to the Israeli authorities, known as "collaborators", have long faced exile, injury or death if they are discovered.
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