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collaborate with (someone or something)

To work on a task with another person or group. Which department are we collaborating with on this campaign?
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collaborate with someone or something

to work together on something with someone or a group. I will collaborate with Amy on this research. I was forced to collaborate with a totally uninformed committee.
See also: collaborate
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Through this partnership, the WTC and Innovent will collaborate to identify and support early-stage entrepreneurs working in emerging markets and technologies related to communications.
For the first time, VideoServer's Collaborates enables high-end conferencing systems to participate in a multipoint conference with lower-end systems without compromising to the lowest transfer rates.
The demonstration will showcase VideoServer's Collaborates, new technology that enables users to conference together high-end room systems utilizing a transfer rate of up to 768 kbps and desktop systems supporting transfer rates of 128 kbps -- without sacrificing audio and video quality at either location.
Collaborates runs on a VideoServer processing module known as a Video Processing Unit (VPU).
Maybe that will get more kids to register and vote," said Robin Raj, partner and creative director in Collaborate.
With the creative guidance of Collaborate and the resources of Pandemonium and Western Images, the team designed and developed for five online/offline environments: broadcast TV, broadcast TV with interactive set-top boxes, Internet-based Flash animated SUPERSTITIAL(R) commercials, Internet-based streaming video, and email-based Flash animated "viral postcards.